Welcome to my little corner of the WWW.  There's not a whole lot here right now, just a few links and stuff I find interesting.  I also will be posting some of my own writings and rantings.  The music you hear is  "Happy Days Are Here Again" which is a very appropriate song for these times, now that we have a legitimate occupant of 1600 Pennylvania Avenue after eight long years of His Fraudulency's Reign of Error.

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TableTalk (1995-2011) was a great little corner of the WWW where progressives, Dems, liberals, and everyone in between could all get together and talk about all kinds of stuff. I was a part of TableTalk for a little over twelve years, beginning in 1999 and ending when Salon shut TT down in 2011. I posted mostly in the White House folder initially, then migrated to other folders, where I found other people there who were my kind of folks and together, we created a community on the Web. In my opinion, Salon's owners never really cared about us or the community.   They never understood us and as a consequence, neglected us.   And now, no more Tabletalk.  16 years of Internet and American history went away when they shut the community down.

As an epitaph for Tabletalk, here is something I posted in a thread in the Member's Lounge a couple days before TT went dark.  A Tour of Tabletalk, done in my usual whimsical tongue-in-cheek manner.

Places I like to visit on the WWW:

Mercury Rising: This is a blog run by Phoenix Woman, one of my friends from TableTalk, and a couple other people.

Eschaton and Tbogg.  These two are well-known, popular blogs from current and former TTers, both of whom have earned my admiration and respect for their perspectives and tenacity.

Here are some of my writings:

Why I Believe George W. Bush Is Not a Christian.  Is George Walker Bush a Christian?  Read this and decide for yourself.

A Generic Rant Form  Need to stop a mine or toxic waste dump or whatever.  Use this convenient fill-in-the-blank form

The Dumb Chimp.  If you're old enough to remember Monty Python, then you'll get a kick out of this one.  It is a take-off on the infamous Dead Parrot sketch done so brilliantly by John Cleese and Michael Palin.  This one is "updated" for the 21st Century, with the Chimperor in mind.

The Constitutional 'Murkan.  My take on the "Constitutional Peasant" scene in "The Holy Grail"

The Free Republic National Anthem.  The mindset of  the denizens of Freerepublic.com, in song (with apologies to Ozzy!)

Archived TableTalk Threads:  These are various threads I downloaded off of TableTalk's archives.  These are all rather large files (the smallest is around 230K, the largest 883K) and will take a bit to download, but they are worth it.  Note: some of the links in these files are broken and/or outdated.

Election Reports Thread This is a thread about reports from Ground Zero where people could report on what was happening in their towns, precincts, states, etc.  In hindsight, much of what was written on this thread turned out to be spot on. I just wish people had listened.

Diagnosing Dubya Thread.  This is a thread I created in April of 2003 about the various psychological maladies that afflict the Great Leader.  There are some very interesting and perceptive posts and links here.

Attack of the Burma Shavers Burma Shave-type slogans and verse about the election of 2000.

A Thread About W's Religion This is a thread about the issue of whether George Bush really is a Christian.

The "What Do We Call Dubya" Thread.  This is a thread from 2001 about what we should call George Walker Bush.  Some of the various nicknames, epithets, put-downs, etc. are funny and spot-on.  Worth the read!

A Very Prescient Thread About George Bush Remember the incident a year before the election when a reporter put Bush on the spot by asking him who the leaders of four different countries were?  This is a thread about that incident and its ramifications (Junior failed miserably, if you recall).  Some of the people who posted on this thread were eerily prescient in what they said about Bush and the election, as subsequent events showed.

A "What-If" Thread: One Candidate Gets the PV And The Other Gets the EV As the title suggests.  This thread discussed that possibility and there are some very perceptive, cogent posts here about the election, strategies each campaign might undertake if this actually happened, etc.  Worth reading.

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