What it is
  what it ain't

  You know you are if

  You know yr White Trash when:
  • yr retirement plan is to sell the wheels and tires so ya can put a camper shell on the truck.
  • yr kids tell ya, "Don't say goddam in front of them, mama, they think it'll piss off god," and ya don't 'cause what the hell, ya always tried ta teach 'em to be polite!
  • yr income is smaller than yr neighbor's tax refund.
  • yr sled dog, Dummy, just moved into the outhouse and the chickens are laying eggs in the wood pile and the dog yard because ya've got empty jars and bottle stored in the chicken shack (and ya KNOW ya'll probably never use the damn things but ya save 'em anyway).
  • people call ya "Sir," on the phone and yr more worried about yr period's late, again!
  • the Red Cross shows up at yr door and it ain't because they're asking for donations...........
  • yr 4 year old counts, "ace, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, royal flush, i win, you snooze, you lose, wanna play again?!"
  • ya got more pots and pans than plates and forks but not enough shelves for any so ya hang 'em from nails in the trees.
  • the garbage man don't come to yr neck of the woods so ya just dig a deep pit and toss all the rubbish down in there. When it's full, ya just bury it back up and dig another pit alongside that. Future archeologists will be so pleased.
  • ya have to haul a bucket a water in to pour into the toilet to flush the damn thing. In the winter, ya haul buckets of snow which ya gotta melt first before flushing, and yes, Virginia, it takes about seven buckets of snow to equal one bucket of snow-melt water.
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