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  what it ain't

  You know you are if

  White trash is a state of mind, a head set. It has more to do with how ya come to view the world than the family into which you're born or the homes and towns where you were raised. I always used to hear white trash people say they were ignorant and proud and proud of being ignorant. But I believe that being White Trash is more about finding pride in yr own knowledge, even when it doesn't match the pictures ya see in the glossy ads and on TV. Being White Trash is about digging an outhouse when yr too poor to have a pot to piss in or a window to toss it outta and diggin extra deep because ya might as well plan for the future. White Trash is good. White Trash is being tougher than ya are smart but smart enough to know when being tough ain't gonna help a bit. White Trash is about downward mobility, how good that feels, to let go of the idea that more is better and embrace the idea, "I've had enough!"



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