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This book intends only to be a compilation of recipes in the form of this woman's story of her travels in the latter half of the 20th Century around Turtle Island amidst the wreckage of the remains of Invasive Imperialism. It asks the question, "How did this blonde- haired, blue-eyed child end up carrying the feather of the red-skinned peoples?" It speaks of spiritual confusion and describes a child born in want and raised in chaos, who responded to the insanity she found around her by disengaging from reality as she knew it and who became lost. It depicts her journey back, rediscovering herself and reclaiming her life using the principles of acceptance, tolerance, perseverance and forgiveness. In no way does it mean to imply that these concepts, as taught to her by the lives of Native Americans she encountered on her way and sitting in circles with them and other recovering alcoholics and addicts, are the only path for spiritual growth or learning. Each of us as human beings must seek his or her own way. All paths are correct. It is this writer's belief that the end is the same for all peoples, all races, all cultures. It is in the getting there that we differ and can teach one another.

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