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What It Ain't: White Trash ain't so much a socio-economic condition; it isn't about race, color or creed, national origin, religion or lack thereof, nor is it geographic in nature. Ya can take the kid outta the White Trash but ya can't take the White Trash outta the kid. It ain't about what ya have or don't have so much as it is about what ya find ya don't need. It ain't a bad thing, although it's come to have a bad rep. It ain't about being of Northern European extraction (but it is about coming from a long line of hungry people that kept on a movin').

White Trash ain't mean-spirited and bigoted despite what ya find in the movies. Ask any White Trash person ya ever see and they'll tell ya true, "We don't care what color or brand a human being ya be, just don't be being it all over mine, or me." White Trash ain't about red necks or front porches versus sun decks. It ain't about what the neighbors might see or think or do, it ain't nobodies bizness. Being White Trash never hurt nobody yet, except maybe their sensibilities. White Trash ain't a crime, yet.



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