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KJNP Radio History


When Don and Gen Nelson came to Alaska, they were in Stevens Village as missionaries. While there Don began flying to other locations to reach more people with the gospel message. He was given a vision of radio as a way to bring the message of Jesus to the Arctic. This was confirmed by other people he interacted with and by God providing funding, property, resources, and by people to start and continue operating KJNP Radio.

"The Gospel Station at the Top of the Nation"

The station continued to operate out of North Pole, Alaska on property given for that purpose by Dave Ainley. It is still operated as a missionary station with the purpose of bringing the gospel message of Jesus Christ to Alaska and the Arctic.

More information on Don and Gen Nelson can be found on the book "Shadows on the Arctic Snow," the story of Don and Gen Nelson, and KJNP, by Don Leach and Don Nelson. You can contact KJNP Radio for a copy of the book.




Don and Gen Nelson founded KJNP in 1967.

We celebrated the 50th anniversary on October 11, 2017






The original tower was retired the summer of 2018, also corresponding with the 50th anniversary of KJNP broadcasting. We started working on the tower field to get ready in the fall of 2017. On June 4, 2018, we started broadcasting from a standby antenna at 4,000 watts so we could stay on the air for the summer while replacing the tower. The tower was taken down by the 'Nolan Brothers on June 18, 2018. On October 11, 2018 we started broadcasting at 50,000 watts from the new tower.







We took this picture with the new tower and the ground screen completed, but before the dirt was put on top of it, the Antenna Tuning Unit installed and the fence back in place. This is the full time staff that work at KJNP. This is milestone in the project of replacing the old tower and having the new tower ready to put on the air.





October 11, 2018 - KJNP's 51 Anniversary.

This is when we started broadcasting full time from the new tower.

The cost of the replacement was $ 378,399.85, we received donations to cover this cost with the final donations being received around December 31, 2020.






KJNP-TV went on the air December 07, 1981 in North Pole Alaska. June 08, 2022 KJNP-TV ownership and operation was transferred to Christian Broadcasting, Inc. of Anchorage, still licensed to North Pole.


Chuck and Claudia Merrill, manegers of Bibles for Others from Grand Rapids Minnesota passed away the winter of 2022.

Dale and Linda Tierney moved from Colorado to keep this minestry operating.








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