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KJNP TV is currently off the air, due to several issues and the lack of staff to resolve them.

We have applied for an STA for our TV station to be silent for one year, starting May 03, 2021.

In that time, we will wait to see what God has planned for KJNP TV. If anything changes we will let you know.

Our radio stations are on the air and are continuing to broadcast.

For those wanting to watch TBN programming, you can watch TBN on the internet with a free account at:





KJNP-TV Channel 4 has a Religious/Family format, as well as on the air approximately 24 hours a day.

On June 5th 2006 KJNP-TV began broadcasting Digital on Channel 20 or 4-1.
KJNP-TV Ceased our Analog signal on May 26, 2009.


KJNP TV Schedule


KJNP TV Public File on the FCC webpage

KJNP TV Applications on the FCC webpage

KJNP TV EEO File on the FCC webpage

KJNP TV Political File on the FCC webpage

KJNP TV Local Political File

For help with KJNP TV's Public File, Contact Reginald Swedberg at (907) 488-2216