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The quartet is the heart and soul of the Society. From the ranks of The Great Land Sounds, there are now three quartets active.


Alvin - Paul - Jo - Bobby

The barbershop quartet Chill Factor first performed at the Arts Association's "Time Out At Noon" series in the summer of 1982 and played the barbershop quartet in the F.L.O.T. production of "The Music Man" in 1984. The original members of the quartet were Alvin Powell (bass), Paul Gallagher (baritone), Josiah "Joe" Knox (lead), and Robert "Bobbie" Workman (tenor). In the intervening years there have been a few personnel changes, with Paul dropping out and Rick Brainard joining the group as lead. Some of the originals are together again (Alvin, Paul and Bobbie) with Josiah "Jo" Knox Jr. singing lead.
Chill Factor has performed as a quartet hundreds of times since 1982, including performances all over the state; we have participated in Solstice shows in Denali Park, Talkeetna, and Wasilla, have been invited to headline barbershop shows in Kenai (twice) and Juneau, and competed at contest in Everett, Washington. But mostly we sing here in Fairbanks. This Spring, we delivered over twenty Singing Valentines in one day - we think we've gotten better with all the practice!
Chill Factor is registered with SPEBSQSA, the international society of men's barbershop singers, and each of the members of the quartet is also a member of the society's local men's chorus, the Great Land Sounds.


Charlie - Richard - Mike - Roger

Tanana Flats grew out of a Singing Valentine gig in 1997. The Flats are a diverse group with day jobs as: a photographer, pilot, hairdresser and yes, even a rocket scientist! Charlie, Mike, Richard and Roger will sing at the drop of a hat. The quartet name depicts a geographic region of interior Alaska, not our singing pitch ... most of the time.


Steve - Jim - Art - Bill

A Cappella Borealis is the chorus's newest quartet made up of three new guys and a recycled baritone. Together since August of 1999, the group is striving mightily to learn more than two songs...and having a lot of fun doing it!