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  Our Family
In the house of the righteous is much treasure -- Prov 15:6a  (KJV)

Redgy and Joy met at Oak Hills Bible College located right outside Bemidji, Minnesota in 1989. February 22, 1991 they were married.  In July of that same year, they moved to North Pole, Alaska to work at KJNP - a Christian Radio and Television station.  They have continued to work at KJNP as volunteers/missionaries, and the family raises their own support from family and friends as there is no payroll at KJNP. 

At the station, Redgy works on production work for the automation system, programs, paper work in between larger maintenance projects at the station.   Redgy also is on a number of email list servers that carry information and announcements pertaining to broadcasting. He also does webinars on various topics as they come up. This is to keep current on the record keeping requirements for the technical aspects of the station, and also so that equipment can be replaced (as it wears out) with up to date items that are going to be more efficient for KJNP's operation. He also needs to hook up the equipment, and learn how to operate it so he can train others how to operate the new equipment. Redgy is also on call 24 hours a day seven days a week.  If one of the radio stations goes off the air, it is his job to fix the problem as soon as possible — whatever the time or weather.   Redgy does some traveling around Alaska while he is working.  We have translators in Barrow, Fort Yukon, Circle, Dot Lake, and Tok.  To get to Fort Yukon and Barrow (the northern most town in the nation) you need to fly.  The rest of the translator sites have roads that go to them. We also have a station in Houston, Alaska called KJHA that went on the air in July of 1998.  After getting home from the station he works on projects around the house, yard, or vehicles.  

Joy works Monday through Friday.  Most of Joy's work time at the station is in the bookkeeping department.  At times, Joy helps out at the front desk as a receptionist.  Joy's hobbies include sewing, knitting and other crafts.

Kimberly has graduated from UAF (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) with a degree in electrical engineering. She also plays guitar, at church on Sunday and sometimes on the 'Village Voice' program saturday night on the radio. She is working at an avionics shop at the Fairbanks Airport.

Ashley graduated from UAF with a degree in elementary education. Ashley is married to Daniel Posey, so is now Ashley Posey and living in Fairbanks.