Dream Catchers

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Tiger Eye Bear with Bead and

Pheasant feather

Amethyst Frog with 2 Amethyst Bears, Rose Quartz Beads and Guinea Hen feather.


These are just a couple of the Dream Catcher styles that we create.  We make the hoops using Willow branches that we collect near our home in Alaska's Interior, so each Dream Catcher is unique and special.   The feathers are domesticated Turkey or Guinea Hen, or from wild Pheasant, Grouse or Ptarmigan.  Our Dream Catchers hang from a hand-cut leather thong, and come with a card explaining the story of the Dream Catcher and the stones and feathers used.   There is a large variety of color and stone combinations, so please e-mail us for more information.  

 All feathers have been cared for with respect and are completely legal. 


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