Canine Clubhouse

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Welcome to the Canine Clubhouse!

Leslie and our happy dogs are enjoying the bright morning sunshine in the large fenced yard that we built, called the Canine Clubhouse.

Nothing like a handful of treats to get everyone's attention.


This is Jagger, our oldest at 15.  He is a 100 pound Great Dane mix with a heart of gold.  We adopted him when he was 2 years old, after he had been through 6 homes.  It wasn't until we started to run him as a sled dog that he really bonded with us.   He always wants to see what's further down the trail.


This is Neesa, a mixed Northern breed.  She has such a soft, thick coat and doesn't mind the cold at all.  She likes winter walks, sniffing for rabbits, digging holes, and playing tug-of-war.  


This is Kayla Brighteyes.  She's a psychic little sled-dog with springs in her legs and joy in her heart.  She is an 8 year old Alaskan Husky who's still squiggles and romps like a puppy. 

Teddybears of the world beware!


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