From ............... The New Republic

August 23-30, 1993

pages 22-23

Aliens Among Us

By Michael Lind [executive editor The National Interest]

[R.J.Neuhaus is the Roman Catholic editor of First Things]

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"But now, some neoconservatives are putting forth a new argument: unskilled

Third World immigrants can provide cannon fodder in the cultural wars.


The [Roman] Catholic traditionalist alliance with Protestant

fundamentalist is merely tactical, of course.

Neuhaus, in his essay on immigration, writes that now that

members of "the Protestant Descendancy ......

have turned themselves into aliens in their own land,"

it is time for Catholic Americans to depose the decadent

WASPs [and presumably, establishment Jews as well].

As leaders of a political army of [Roman] Catholic Latino immigrants,

conservative American [Roman] Catholics could achieve three goals:

They could become the dominant partners in a Catholic-evangelical political

coalition, the leaders of a neo-traditionalist American Catholicism and

perhaps even the successors to WASPs as what Neuhaus calls the

"defining" population in the United States.

Neuhaus (who is a recent convert to [Roman] Catholicism,

as well as an immigrant from Canada)

proposes precisely what nineteenth-century Protestant

nativists feared - a bid for social and political hegemony by

American Catholics, whose numbers have been swelled by immigration.

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