"Two vast movements that involved millions of non-Catholic Americans set the stage for the rapid acquisition of power in America by the Vatican.

The first, which began in earnest more than two decades ago, is the ecumenical movement."


By Dr. [Phd.] Stephen Mumford

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Two vast movements that involved millions of non-Catholic Americans set the stage for the rapid acquisition of power in America by the Vatican.

The first, which began in earnest more than two decades ago, is the ecumenical movement. This movement has pretty much ceased to make any forward advances. Many of the earlier leaders have dropped out, recognizing that the Protestant groups made virtually all the compromises. Some have dropped out in disappointment, fully recognizing that they have been completely duped by their Catholic counterparts.

The ecumenical movement was exceedingly important, if not absolutely essential, to the Vatican's march toward unrestrained power in America. It halted, then blocked, criticism of the Catholic Church by all leading Protestant denominations. This no doubt contributed to the Catholic Church's success in silencing all criticism of the hierarchy's actions in the lay press.

For the past two decades, all over the country, the call by Protestants has been, "Let's not say anything negative about acts of the [Roman] Catholic Church. Otherwise, we will jeopardize this important movement of reconciliation among all Christian sects." No doubt, the Vatican carefully nurtured this sentiment and was thereby able to advance its agenda under the cloak of secrecy with the help of Protestants bent on ecumenism.

The second vast movement involved the political mobilization of fundamentalists by the Vatican. According to Paige, the Reverend Edward Bryce, National Conference of Catholic Bishops' director of right-to-life activities, has presided over the transformation of the [Roman Catholic] Church into a right-too-life politicai machine. Bryce admits that the expenditures on abortion are much larger than the records show and that most of this is buried in bishops" discretionary funds and individual diocesan ledgers. No doubt, much of this "hidden" money of which Father Bryce speaks goes into the election campaigns of both Catholics and non-Catholics who cater too the needs of the Vatican.

"The Pastoral Plan was a brilliant blueprint," states Paige.

The New Right, which is dominated by [Roman] Catholics such as Richard Viguerie and which answers to the Vatican, drew the fundamentalists in under the guise of religion - but for explicitly political purposes.

"However heartfelt, opposition to abortion was simply part of the plan."18

With sufficient wealth at its disposal, the hierarchy of the [Roman Catholic] Church started right-to-life organizations and dominated their early growth, fashioning their philosophy, political base, and strategy and paying their way. 19

In 1975, Roy White, then executive director of the National Right to Life Committee, asserted,

Connie Paige"s extensive investigation led her to state:

The hierarchy recognized the necessity of the mobilization of funda- mentalists prior to the bishops' 1975 pastoral plan. It simply used the abortion issue to accomplish this goal. Now it uses the Moral Majority and other "fundamentalist" organizations to accomplish other items on its agenda, such as breaking down the principle of separation of church and state, enforcing support by taxpayers of the Catholic school system, and the election of obedient [Roman] Catholics to Congress and state legislatures.

Most Americans have the mistaken perception that at least half of the anti-abortion movement is fundamentalist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My own state of North Carolina is Jesse Helms country. The very heart of Moral Majority land, it has a population of six million. Yet, according to the Moral Majority leadership in North Carolina, there are only twenty-five thousand Moral Majority members in this State.

That means that only 0.4 percent of the residents of this state belong to the "Majority." Almost ten times this number belong to the Catholic Church, although this is one of the least Catholic states in America. The reason why the Moral Majority............

By Dr. [Phd.] Stephen Mumford

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