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At the World Methodist Conference being held in Rio De Janeiro, the Rev. Geoffrey Wainwright, Chairman of the World Methodist Council's ecumenical committee, said that the Roman Catholic Church was the "grandmother" of Methodism !

A statement from the Rev. Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy, president of the [Roman] Catholic Pontifical Council, in regards to the joint Methodist-Catholic dialogue committee, said ,

This is just one example of many, describing how denominations are working together to bring healing to the religious world. When people of faith, no matter what their particular faith stance, come together in unity and work for the betterment of all humankind, then God is truly pleased and God's people are truly blessed!

Can you share some examples of how different faith groups are working together in your area? I believe that we have more *in common* with each other than we do that which *divides* us. What do you think? - Jeff Foster