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October 20, 1995

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THE CHRISTIAN COALITION has formally launched the Catholic Alliance [NCR, Sept. 22 ], designed to unite evangelical Christians and hundreds of thousands of antiabortion, pro-family [Roman] Catholics. Working with a start- up budget of $1.3 million, Maureen Roselli, former New Jersey legislative assistant and projects coordinator with National Right to Life, will lead the new group.


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November/December 1995


ON/FILE: A Continuing Survey of Groups, Events, Movements and People Impacting Religion

1) The Catholic Alliance was formed by the Christian Coalition to draw [Roman] Catholics more fully into Christian right activism on issues such as fighting abortion and promoting government-funded school vouchers.

The group has a panel of [Roman] Catholic lay leaders, a staff in Washington, and a range of activities geared to [Roman] Catholic voters.

The alliance is part of an attempt by the Christian Coalition to boost its [Roman] Catholic membership from about 250,000 to at least 1 million by the year 2000. [Source: Long Island Catholic, September 13]