Vol. v, No.1 First Quarter, 1995


Pages 67-68

One could perhaps object here that neither American culture nor the American Constitution intends such an abuse of human liberty, but strives to uphold only those liberties which are true and good.

This argument is what the conservative objects to the liberal who throws the cult of liberty into the conservative's face.

But where is the foundation of such an objection ?

Where is it stated in the Constitution or in any monumental document of the United States of America that the freedoms guaranteed to its citizens must be limited by the eternal law of God, or the natural law ?

Where is there a single mention of Our Lord Jesus Christ in any of these documents ?

Where does it say in the American Constitution that the natural law exists, and that Congress, the President and the Supreme Court are bound to observe the natural law in their acts of lawmaking, law enforcement, and interpretation of law, respectively ?


These three entities are three free agents, bound by no law, but are laws unto themselves.

No, the conservative's attempt to limit the freedom so cherished by American culture is spurious.

Freedom of religion means that you have the right to worship whatever god you want, even Satan.

Freedom of speech means that you have the right to say whatever you want, even blasphemy.

Freedom of the press means that you have the right to print whatever you want, even pornography, blasphemy, and heresy.

Neither Congress nor any state legislature can put a clamp on these things logically, since such a restraint would be an arbitrary denial of someone's right to a freedom.

The effects of this cult of liberty are disastrous.

For as long as the American people were naturally conservative, moral, and religious, they agreed enough about moral and religious issues at least to hold back the tide of most serious evils. It is those days, the days before the 1960's, or even better before Roosevelt, that most American conservatives dream about when they form their political views. But those days are over. We now live in the reign of Satan, in which people have handed themselves over to indescribable debauchery, wanton disregard for the laws of God and even of the natural law, and to a selfishness and cold-heartedness that justifies the killing of unwanted babies. There is no possible way in which this godless population is going to put back in place the restrictions which were in place fifty years ago. The only thing that the conservative can hope for is a moral reawakening of the United States.

What supports this fact is the so-called "conservative" upsurge recently in this country has focused nearly entirely on economic issues. They are going to "dismantle the welfare state." Bravo, but what about dismantling abortion ? Gay rights ? Birth control pills and devices ? Sex education ? Dirty movies and TV ? Women's liberation ? Secular humanism in the schools ? These are the true plagues of American society, not high taxes or welfare, and these diseases are the effect of the general breakdown of the morals of the people. And the problem is that these infections cannot be eradicated legally and logically except by some principle, a principle which restricts human freedom only to those objects which are good. For as long as the cult of liberty is in place, these and the many other noxious influences in our daily lives must continue under the banner of protecting human liberty.

That principle which is so badly needed is the law of God . But since Congress is obliged never to establish a religion, it cannot even apply the Ten Commandments to our lives, it cannot even mention Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, and least of all the Roman Catholic Church. No, our country is condemned to worshipping the masonic Liberty Goddess, and thereby to fall headlong into moral corruption and finally destruction. America - or any other country which worships the Liberty Goddess - can only avoid this destruction if it abandons the Cult of Liberty.


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Editor - Father Donald Sanborn

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