Vol. v, No.1 First Quarter, 1995


Pages 65-66

[drawing of the Seal of the U.S. Senate displaying liberty cap ]

The Cult of Liberty is the Recipe of Moral Breakdown

The only constraints which liberty-cultists will place upon their freedom-goddess, is that of preventing people from murdering or stealing from other people, at least for now. I say "at least for now," since we already have legalized murder in the form of abortion.

For we have seen, one by one, the constraints of law that were in place in the United States or in other countries even fifty years ago, be dissolved in the name of liberty of choice. In the 1920's for example, a druggist could be arrested if he sold birth-control devices or chemicals. Now he might be arrested if he does not, and these wicked instruments of the devil are advertised on television alongside corn flakes and dish detergent, and are found prominently displayed in drugstores right next to the aspirin and shampoo, so that lusty teenagers can come in and grab them up without delay or inhibition.

In the name of liberty, mothers can walk into an abortion clinic more easily than they can go to their hairdressers, and kill their babies. In this country 4,000 babies a day are murdered. I think that twenty-five million or so is the last count. Again, fifty years ago these mothers would have been arrested and prosecuted, and the abortionists with them.

Even in cases of divorce in this Protestant country, it had to be proven that there was a "sufficient cause." Divorce, although legal, was considered fifty years ago to be scandalous, even among Protestants. For Catholics it was non-existent. Today there is no-fault.

Fifty years ago, you could be arrested for homosexual behavior or for wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Just recently San Francisco passed an ordinance forbidding discrimination against transvestites. That means that if the vice-president of your company decides he wants to wear a dress, lipstick, perfume, and high-heels, there is nothing you can do about it. I wonder if Freemason Patrick Henry had that in mind when he said "Give me liberty or give me death!"

The reason why these constraints were in place fifty or so years ago is that the population was naturally conservative, and illogically insisted on these constraints. I say "illogically," since, once you posit the principles of the cult of liberty, there is nothing to 'stop' the freedom of choice of 'anything'. If one were to cite the natural law against the abortionists, the homosexuals, the divorced, or the birth-control users, they would simply respond, "We don't believe in the natural law."

The liberty-cultist can make no answer to this, for, according to the principles of freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, people have a civil right to reject the natural law. They have a civil right to profess atheism, to say that Our Lady was a harlot, and our Lord a fornicator, that children may be killed in their mothers' wombs, that homosexuality is just as good as heterosexuality, that it does not matter how you dress, whether like a man or like a woman - whatever you feel like putting on that day.

What law can the liberty-cultist cite against them, if for two hundred years the gospel of liberty of conscience, of religion, of speech and of the press has been preached everywhere as the highest and most ennobling qualities of human life ?


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Editor - Father Donald Sanborn

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