"Alaska Ice Dragon": Ice Rink Resurfacer

The Alaska Ice Dragon
Propane-Fired Ice Rink Resurfacer

Goldstream Solar has designed, engineered and patented (USPTO or pdf) a device which resurfaces ice skating rinks. It is now available for purchase.

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Standard resurfacers range from the small (Rink Rake) to the medium (Bambini and RinkRover) to the large (Zamboni and Olympia), but in the end all of them produce a smooth surface in exactly the same way: hot water from a tank or hose is spread onto the ice in a thin layer which freezes into a smooth surface.

Our ice rink resurfacer burns propane to melt a thin layer of the rink surface. The water flows into all the scrapes and gouges, then refreezes into a smooth surface. This is convenient and inexpensive because when burned,

1 gallon of propane will melt 76 gallons of ice

Burning propane completely eliminates the need for a source of hot water. All of the expense and inconvenience associated with moving hundreds of pounds of hot water around the rink disappears. Our resurfacer is ideal for all outdoor skating rinks, especially those rinks which are not conveniently located near a source of hot water. Our resurfacer is especially suited for pond ice or river ice because of its light weight and portibility. The Ice Dragon can very easily fit in most vehicles. Of course, our resurfacer works just as well on indoor rinks.

Advantages of the Alaska Ice Dragon

Watch the Alaska Ice Dragon in action: