First Presbyterian Church, Fairbanks, Alaska--1920
Pen & Ink on Bristol Board, Image size 9"x 7"

The Presbyeterian Church constructed the first church in Fairbanks. First Church's
original building was erected in 1904 at the corner of Cushman and 7th Avenue in
Fairbanks. The congregation is still holding services at the corner of Cushman and 7th,
although the building has changed several times. The original church building was
moved in 1966 and is now the chapel at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.

Chena (four miles downriver from Fairbamnks at the confluence of the Chena and
Tanana Rivers) actually had the first church services in the area (in a log cabin during
the winter of 1902-03)but Chena has disappeared, and Fairbanks is still very much