Welcome to my website. I grew up in Nevada City, California. in the heart of the Northern Mines Region. The area was dotted with abandoned mines, hydraulic diggings, and coyote holes.

Forty years ago Nevada City was a sleepy little town tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. There were small hamlets scattered throughout the hills, but much of the country was wild. I grew up appreciating the wildness around me, but also facinated by the mining history of the area and the aesthetics of decay, as the works of man gradually merged back into nature.

In 1971 I moved to Alaska to attend college. I really wasn't much interested in art before college, but after my first college art class I was hooked and have been practicing art ever since.

I graduated from Alaska Methodist University in 1974 with a BA in anthopology and art.
While at AMU I took studio art classes from William Kimura. I have also taken studio
classes from Bill Brody at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

By the mid-1980s I had begun specializing in ink drawings. This was partly for practical
reasons. I was working in desk-top publishing and ink drawings can usually be easily
reproduced to accompany printed material, and they do not require a large studio. Also,
being partially color blind (color confused is probably more accurate), I find that I view
the world differently from other people, and I like the challenge of translating the
myriad shadings and visual cues of a colored world into a monochromatic image.

Right now I am concentrating on drawing historic structures. Having grown up in the
Northern Mines Region of California, I have naturally been attracted by the mining
history of Alaska. Currently I am working on a series of drawings depicting the historic
buildings and other important landmarks in the Fairbanks North Star Borough and
surrounding area. I am trying to get out to the remaining gold camps to draw their
buildings before time, vandals, and development permanently erase these pieces of our

I do find time to enjoy the other beauties of Alaska too--the wildlife, the magnificent
scenery, the people, and these are also reflected in my art.