Wood's Alaskan Adventures

The Dugan Hills are framed out of our picture window.
We have a network of trails to explore our neighborhood.

1. Life & Chores Around the Homestead


The Bush

See the vast roadless wilderness
from a unique perspective with a modern pioneering family.

Over 75% of the largest state is inaccessible by road.

The slang term Bush refers to this vast area where planes, boats, dog teams and snow machines are the only way around.

Learn how we thrive in this beautiful and sometimes harsh environment, living off the land in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. The "Last Frontier" is waiting for you to explore with us as your guides.

Your guides

Travel a piece of this country and get to know it up close with your guides, Bill and Cheryl Wood

We have worked several summers with Earthwatch Teams doing remote field research in Alaska. Earthwatch is a nonprofit organization that recruits volunteers to do field work from archeology to zoology around the world. Bill worked as field coordinator and Cheryl as cook and camp manager.

While Earthwatch research filled our summers, we've spent the long winters establishing a remote homestead near Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. We are knowledgeable and experienced and ready to guide people into the "Bush" for the adventure of a life time.


We offer three possible excursions, depending on the time of the year. Or let us know your interests.

2. Take a virtual dog mushing trip.

3. How about a trip to our fish camp.


Come spend a few days or a week in our log cabins, adventuring by day and eating well by night in rustic comfort. Everything is included once you're here for $145.00 per person per day.

To get here:

Take any one of several major airlines to Fairbanks. Then fly with Tanana Air Service any week day to Manley Hot Springs. We will meet you at the airstrip with our boat, dog team or snow machine for the 12-mile trip to our homestead.

We can also arrange custom tours to suit your adventuresome spirit: boat down to the Yukon to see traditional fish camps; take a 5 day canoe trip and see historic roadhouse sites along the way.

Contact us:

Wood's Alaskan Adventures
Bill and Cheryl Wood
P. O. Box 15
Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756
(907) 672-3952
One of our cabins.

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