'Ziggy' is our resident stallion, half sibling to Max.  Ziggy is more reserved in his manner than his brother and tends to be more cautious about new things. He can be quite a character at times, but mostly he's just so laid back that when first meeting him, most people think he's been gelded.  He is quick to learn and eager to please.  He spent the summer of 2000 with Edie at Flat Mountain Ranch. She is of the opinion that he would make a great reining/cutting horse.  These pictures were taken in June 2001.
These two photos were taken of him as a three year old, spending time with friend Sara.   More pictures of Ziggy coming soon!
Ziggy Anna

Ziggy's Pedigree
I'll Skip Coffee

May 6, 1996
Fairbanks, Alaska

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Skip's Brick
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