"JONS SUNDOWN LADY" is a quarterhorse mare, standing 15.1 hands. She was purchased as a five year old in Bonners Ferry, Idaho June of 96' for my
neice Annarose. Sun is a friendly, spirited mare and infinitely curious about everything and everybody she comes in contact with! Likes people ~
Doesn't like Moose or Dogs in her space and lets them know about it!!
Tori riding Sun for Pony Club
Sun was active in 4-H in Idaho and her first year in Alaska. Unfortunately Annarose moved to Anchorage with her mother and Sun was only ridden occassionaly between visits during spring and summer school breaks.
April 2001 Sun spent with Edie at Flat Mountain Ranch and in May she was leased to the Jason Clark family for the summer. Daughter Tori has been active in pony club for several years and Sun has thrived on all the attention and learning new things. Tori prefers english to western riding and recently the two of them have been doing quite well jumping. Sun is a quick learner and eager to please.
We would like to breed Sun to our quarterhorse stallion Ziggy next spring.  Sun has been purchased and her new owner is looking forward to Sun babies in years to come!
SunDown's Pedigree
Jons Sundown Lady

May 31, 1991
Lewiston, Idaho
Bold Ole Man
The Ole Man
Three Bars (TB)
Chicado V
Red Bee Sis
Diamond Charge
Trudy Deck
Sundowns Kid Bar
Three Quick Bars
John B Quick
Miss Wiggy Dee
Miss Kidden
No Kidden
Gingerly Savage