Rascal is a quarterhorse gelding, standing 15 hands, who will be 20 this spring.  "BONITAS RASCAL" has Poco Bueno and Doc Bar breeding. Being a buckskin color with dark mane, tail and zebra stripes on his legs, he is quite the handsome fellow.  In his younger days he was active in 4-H and at one time held third place standing in the State of Alaska for barrel racing. He developed arthritis in one knee (common to barrel racers) so now he is restricted to easy trail rides and hanging out with the 'girls' in the turnout.  There are times when he's out 'cruisin' the turnout that you would have no idea he has an arthritic knee!!
Corrective trimming and good nutrition has helped keep him sound and healthy.

Last summer Rascal went to a new home but came back to us after a couple months.  He dropped alot of weight and his coat became dull looking. I
thought maybe the stress of going to a home where he only had a mini donkey for company contributed but even after he came home, he continued to lose
weight.  Finally, we tried a product called Excel, a Dynamite product.  It helps to rid the organs of toxic buildup.  Within a week there was a change
and by the end of a month he was back to his old self.
This summer Rascal is staying with the Jason Clark family along with Sundown. He is enjoying all the attention being lavished on him and has formed a close bond with 12 year old La'Nae.  As we are so horse-poor, we are looking to find a permanent home for Rascal this fall. Although he can't be used for endurance riding or jumping, he has many years ahead of him as a pleasure or companion horse. If you know of such a home, please contact us.
Here are some new photos of Rascal taken January 2002.

In these pictures we had just rescued him and he is very underweight.  We are happy to report that Rascal is now a plump and happy gelding!

Rascal's Pedigree
Bonitas Rascal

May 21, 1981
Koshkonong, Missouri
Lena's Bonita
Doc O'Lena
Doc Bar
Poco Lena
Bonita Tetana
Barney Boots
LuLu Plunkett
 Goodbye Annie
Goodbye Sam
Fairfax Joe
Maudie Leo
Sneaky Annie
Poco Set
Badger's Ghost