Pixie is a Clydesdale mare, standing 17 hands. Blue Roan (black and white) with a white blaze and feathers, black mane and tail. She is a gentle giant that most adults are in awe of when they first stand beside her and small children are irresistibly drawn to. She came to live with us January 19th, 1997. Check out her photo on the rescue page.
Here are some pictures taken January 2002.

And more pictures taken Summer 2001.

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Pixie's Pedigree
Spring Water Pixie

April 23, 1986
Herminston, Oregon
Spring Water Leo
Prides MacDuff
Bill's Pride
Lady Benefactor 2nd
Gasseling's Queen
Brywood Prince
Spring Water Lisa
Brywood Prince
Inspiration Prince
Killearn Dolly
Windlaw Ideal Grace
Benefactor's Ideal