Patches is an Appaloosa gelding, standing 16 hands. Palomino with a wide white blaze, flaxen mane and tail, he has a scattering of white and dark spots on his rump. In the summer his coloring changes to nearly all white and in the winter his color deepens to a golden yellow, which makes his blaze, mane, tail and rump really stand out. Patches is a very affectionate horse with these large puppy-dog eyes. He would rather hang with 'his humans' than the other horses if given a choice. (may have something to do with a chance to get a carrot, slice of apple or homemade 'cherri-oats' treats - he will literally hold you at nose point if he smells those cherri-oats!!)
Patches came to live with us January 19, 1997 and has undergone quite a transformation. Check out his photo on the rescue page and see for yourself how far he's come!  Patches is a beautiful, healthy and happy horse once again.
Here are some winter pictures taken of Patches in January 2002.
Patch's Pedigree
A Patch Of Gold

August 30, 1980
Last Hopes Iceberg
Last Hope
Equal Nice
Ring Queen
Jeweled Bell