'Max' is half sibling to Ziggy and they are as opposite as the moon and sun! Max has a great disposition but 'laid-back' isn't part of his personality. He is most definately the aggressor of the two. Since he was a yearling he has acted like a little Stud-Muffin and although he was gelded May of 2001, he still thinks he's a Stud-Muffin. Max spent May with Edie at Flat Mountain Ranch. He also is quick to learn but still gets distracted easily when the mares are around. He is so smooth in his movements it's hard to tell when he makes a transition. He can run full out and pivot on a dime! He is beautiful in motion and will also make a good reiner/cutting horse.
These photos were taken of him as a three year old at the Tanana Valley State Fair with friend Rachelle Stenvik.

Max's Pedigree
Maximum Mystry

June 27, 1996 Fairbanks, Alaska
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