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Lectures & Equipment Demonstrations 
Sun Dog Express Ministries is a Fellowship of believers in Christ who love sled dogs! Our Mission is to reach the community for Christ through sharing knowledge of sled dogs! 
"People Need the Lord. . . . even those who love sled dogs"
We are a faith based business and we are available for your gathering or class to  lecture and demonstrate different aspects of training, racing and touring with working sled dogs.  We will bring equipment to demonstrate and for people to look at.  We are glad to answer any questions you may have.  This is a complementary community outreach service for schools and non profit organizations and is dependent upon availability.  Donations are always appreciated for the care of our energetic sled dogs.

Lectures &  Demonstrations

Sun Dog Express

Leo and Ruby Sue take a break from fall training 2012.

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Why do sled dogs love to pull? - Watch  Musher Chick.