Our Sled Dog Story

Some dogs are born in our yard while others are adopted from other recreational and racing kennels.  Since our objective as a kennel is not only to give tours but to race and travel the remoteness of Alaska with our trusted canine friends. We work hard to find dogs that fit these demands.  We’ve got a mix of  distance dog  bloodlines and sprint dog bloodlines in our yard.


What is a Sundog?!?

Sundogs are caused by sunlight refracting off ice crystals surrounding the midday sun in the arctic.   It usually signifies colder temperatures are coming.  They look like a rainbow circling the sun.

Annamaet Challenge


Feb 3, 2008

Race Update:

We completed the 2008 Limited North American in a time of  92 minutes 19 seconds for 23 miles and three days of racing.

Race Team

Meet Ruby Sue.  Six year old lead dog.  She is hard working and determined.  This timid and reserved girl is a TIGER on the dog sled trail.  She is what we call a “Gee-Haw” lead dog.  She takes directional command well.

Come meet the Sun Dogs:Dudley, Yukon, Torch, Chummy, Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Leo, Kate, Ruby Sue, Tinker Bell, Baloo, Jiminy Cricket, Ester and Perci.

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Dog of the day—Ruby Sue

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