Welcome to the "Golden Heart"... Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska State Flag                                                                                                             Wir Sprechen Deutsch
Richter House
                                          Bed and Breakfast
                                                                         50l Summer Ave.                        located easy 12 minute drive
                                                                   Fairbanks, Alaska 99712                       North of  Fairbanks
                                               Phone: (907) 457-3924                                    (Map)
E-Mail:  richter@mosquitonet.com
Your Hosts:  Fred & Dana
Clean, Relaxed Home Setting                                             Single - $60.00
Full Breakfast                                                                     Double - $75.00
Smoking Permitted Outside                                                (plus 8% Bed Tax)
Great Winter Viewing of Aurora                                         Ask about our winter rates
    just a minute away                                                      
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To help with your Fairbanks visit we are members of:
FCVB (Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau)
FABB (Fairbanks Association of Bed and Breakfasts)
BBAA (Bed and Breakfast Association of Alaska)