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Steps to Peace


July 14, 2018 
Our summer is moving along. Kimberly is in the middle of her math class. She is also looking at books and things she needs to get for next fall and the classes she is registered for at UAF. During the afternoons she has been helping Redgy. Joy has been doing the normal things of working with the station music and bookkeeping. She has been helping keep track of the cabins that people have been staying in when they are here with different work crews. Making sure there are clean sheets, towels, and things like that. She has been doing some bike riding some in the evenings.

Redgy has been working with the ‘Nolan Brothers’ putting up the replacement tower. He is doing the station logs and paperwork in the morning before they arrive, then being available to help them with whatever they need while they are here each day. Redgy and Kimberly did the silver soldering the tower center feed junctions (every 10’) as it was installed into the tower. They would solder on a section, then the tower crew would raise the feed line ten feet and they would add the next section. The center feed goes up 150’ in the center of the tower and is the part that hooks the ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit) to the tower. The tower is now up and the lights, static dissipators are installed, so everything in the air is done. Now we need to install the ground radials in the tower field. The work crew that is here right now has been working on this. They are pre-ripping the trenches in the ground were the wire will be installed. After the ground system gets put in we need finish hooking things up and tune the ATU to match the replacement tower. Last Wednesday Redgy made a trip to KJHA, by Wasilla to do some work there. It was one day trip, but a long day. He needed to reinstall the software in the transmitter there.

Other things that are happening, the normal logs and paperwork of the station. Redgy has been doing a little computer maintenance with the automation, but not much due to to time spent on the tower. We marked out the locations of the ground radials that need to be installed next, after the tower is completed. He has also been working with DEC on the fuel spill we had last winter. There is a work crew here, so they were able to dig out more dirt from this area. Friday DEC came out and inspected the area we had dug up so now we can start putting clean dirt back in the hole. The dirt that we dug up that has the fuel in it is spread along the edge of the tower field. We have a cultivator for the tractor that Redgy uses a couple of days a week to stir the contaminated dirt up to get the fuel to the surface and exposed to air and sunlight so it can break down. Later we will need to get this inspected to see if the fuel is all gone.

God Bless You

Redgy and Joy

They who dwell in the ends [of the earth] stand in awe of Your signs;
You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.
Psalm 65:8 NASB