Subject: Sean Mccullough Hatred.. To: Lon S. Mabon

From: Karl Lembke Date: 9/28/94 9:46:14 AM

Quoting Lon S. Mabon to Preston Simpson <=-

PS> So, you advocate the murder of abortion doctors? How interesting.

LSM> I advocate the murder of no one. However, I _do_ advocate LSM> referring to an abortionist doctor as an infant murdering, LSM> satan-led monster, masquerading as a doctor of medicine. LSM> Reason: He is one.

The thing is, words mean things, and have power in the world. If you call someone an infant murdering, satan-led monster, masquerading as a doctor of medicine, it only stands to reason that people will be incited to kill that someone.

If you -=KNOW=- of someone who is murdering people on a continuing basis, and take no action to stop him, you are as guilty of the murders as the actual killer is. Thus, by your very rhetoric, you are telling anyone who takes you seriously that killing doctors at abortion clinics is a good thing.

If you're in the right, that's one thing. But inciting people to violate the commandment "Thou shall not murder" is a serious step to take. ...

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