AP 24 Nov 94 14:52 EST V0468 - The Associated Press

GENEVA (AP) -- The World Council of Churches urged the U.N. Security Council to call off the use of NATO force against Serbs in northwest Bosnia.

The council Thursday also demanded renewed enforcement of the U.N. arms embargo to all sides in the conflict, a reference to the U.S. decision to stop enforcing the sanctions against the Muslim-led Bosnian government.

The WCC, which represents mainline Protestant and Orthodox churches, traditionally has demanded that Orthodox Serbs be treated equally with Muslims or Roman Catholic Croats.

But a WCC statement singled out the Serbs for criticism, although it didn't name them, in citing "military forces who systematically deny humanitarian access to officially declared United Nations protected zones." Serbs have been blocking aid convoys from the "safe area" of Bihac for months. NATO allies, who raided Serbian targets Monday and Wednesday, threatened more air strikes Thursday as Serbian troops advanced on Bihac in northwest Bosnia.