Subject: Views suppressed!

To: Karen Davis

From: Laurie Appleton

Date: 7/25/96

Hi Karen, (Re: yours of 17-Jul-1996, "Science or Belief?")

KD> Science class is for science, Laurie, even if that science makes mistakes along the way. <<<<

I fully agree and therefore evolution should have NO place there since it is NOT a scientific theory. (K. Popper).

KD> Save creationism for those venues it is appropriate - the only appropriate time for it to show up in science class is to show students that creationism is all religion in a lesson about pseudoscience, ... <<<<

Then why did evolutionists spend so much time fighting in the courts and opposing balanced treatment? Just think of the wonderful opportunity that they could have had to show how bad the Creation case was?

Could it be that they were really AFRAID that the Creationists might have turned the tables the other way? After all, numerous evolutionists have admitted that in hundreds of open, public, scientific debates, the Creationists almost always WON!

KD> We've already debunked you in Evolution, Laurie. <<<<

That is false and you know it. They suspended me on absurd and contrived grounds which they only seem to apply when they are getting embarrassed by what is being said.

It is surprising to find that you don't seem to understand that it is evolutionist's control of "science" journals, education and the Media generally that allows them to suppress all arguments against their tinpot religion!

Don't take my word for it, because even evolutionists themselves are effectively suppressed if they dare to stray too far from the evolutionary "straight and narrow" orthodoxy. The late great famous Isaac Asimov obligingly "let the cat out of the bag" before he left this world forever.

He said;

(The Roving Mind. The Role of the Heretic, Isaac Asimov, 1983, p. 49) (see also the Foreward to Scientists Confront, Velikovsky p. 7)

So THERE is your evolution for you.

It is an organization for the suppression of views that it does not like and not just Creation Science ones.


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