Subject: The Vaticans assault on Orthodoxy

Date: 1997/05/17

From: (Greek tyco)

Newsgroups: soc.culture.greek

The U.N. is the cause of our social, political, and economic ills that inflict mankind today. The U.N. hides behind a mask of promoting world peace to aggrandize their power and to consolidate total control of the world. In reality, the U.N. uses its "peace keeping" propaganda to occupy foreign countries and to establish total control over government activities; therefore imposing the U.N.'s definition of a "ONE WORLD ORDER" which is a in actuality a prelude to a world wide dictatorship stemming from U.N. headquarters in New York.

Do you really want to see Greece's sovereignty stripped away like you have seen the sovereignty of most Latin American countries eroded.

There is a global conspiracy to destroy the independence of most nations and it is being out by the C.I.A. in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of America [A private entity] and the Vatican.

The reason why Russia has collapsed is because it was rigged by these entities who want to exploit its vast resources and create a unilateral instead of a bilateral concentration of power. Russia was always viewed by these power brokers as an obstacle to world dominion.

The U.N., Vatican, and C.I.A. are working as a unholy Trinity and they also want to destroy Orthodoxy in an unconspicuous [for now] manner. The partition of Yugoslavia was by no accident and the Vatican is hellbent at utilizing every mean at their disposal to destroy the Orthodox identity in Serbia.

Have we forgot about the Ustashi and all their atrocities committed against Serbs who refused to convert to Catholicism. The Bosnian Muslims were also instrumental in aiding the Croats to exterminate Orthodox believers. Haven't people noticed that the same atrocities are being committed against the Orthodox population in Krajina again but the International "Tribunals" indict at a disproportionate rate Serbian defendants instead of Muslim or Catholic defendants?

Why was Orthodox entities always demonized in the American press and Russians or Serbs always potrayed as violaters of human rights when Turkey's human rights violations are seldomly mentioned. This is all well documented and people should ignore at their own peril!

Even the American people today our becoming alarmed at the expansion of the U.N.'s, Vatican's, and C.I.A.'s influence in the affairs of nations.

There are many Orthodox and Protestant denominations in America who are concerned about the encroachment of the U.N.'s and Vaticans policies in domestic affairs and also that the U.N. is covertly spiriting U.N. soldiers onto American soil.

Most of these soldiers will be derived from Catholic dominated nations and the same political rivalries that were present during W.W.1 are taking shape again today. It was the Vatican that financed Hitler during W.W.2 and destroying communism was a mere smoke screen to destroy the only major impediment to the Catholic Church dominating the globe.

It was the Catholic Church that financed, in conjunction with the C.I.A., espionage and covert operations against Russia to bring her to her knees.

The U.N. is being used as a Trojan Horse to facilitate these ends. If the U.N. is so concerned about human rights, why did it not intervene to expel Turkey from Cyprus after the illegal occupation or protect the Kurds from human rights abuse in Turkey? The answer is because it is bias and not truly concerned with human rights but to instead to destroy the sovereignty of nations.

If anybody wants more information about this they should read a newspaper called, The Spotlight, which is a patriotic newspaper headquartered in Washington D.C. that exposes all the dirty deeds of the World Shadow government. One of their international correspondence is in Athens, Greece. If anybody has more information on this subject than please e-mail me because this "New World Order" is not a conspiracy theory but a developing dilemma that has reached critical mass.