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Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 09:14:48 GMT

From: Y Rapido (

Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever

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Peter Granic wrote:

>>>>> Even if you believe this, then it is no different than the building of any nations throughout the world. Might is right, and people in the good countries say, "why don't they just get along" because they are enjoying the fruits of their ethnically cleansing and assimilationist past and can afford to say this. <<<<<<<<

rap: To believe or not to believe is not the question. There are international, local and like observers, agencies, testimonies, and such, that deal with the FACTS.

Tudjman is a mass murderer -- ones who support him are either politically, morally or in direct cited cases legal collaborators in his crimes.

Bosnians KNOW, the world KNOWS, and no denial can be equvalent to the FACTS.

Vatican is basking in the "glory" of its fascist power that it employed in the Balkans.

We shall keep the score. So far Croatia is ahead.

But, we shall keep the score! Vatican and the morbid Polak Wojtyla shall be remembered for what he had done in Europe once again -- believe it or not!

Vatican joined and employed the Communists (and its western headquarters) to its own ends.

Lessons of Jasenovac have been learned by the Serbs -- too bad Bosnian nation did not learn anything from that! Oh, well, NOW they know ! Better ever than never, that's the only benefit.