Subject: Re: Outrage of the Geek!

To: Sally Springett

From: Steve Lucas

Date: 8/30/94

On 08-20-94 15:39, Sally Springett spewed this at Steve Lucas

concerning Re: Outrage of the Geek!-

FR> Homosexuals are no one's enemy. They wish to be left alone. Christian bigots when they choose homosexuals as their target fight a one-sided battle of tyranny and oppression against innocent people.<<<<

SL> I don't know, Freddy. We have some gays picking fights with Christians.<<<<<

SS> You are seriously saying that homosexuals go up to strangers on the street and say: "Hey, you a Christian?" and if the answer is "Yes" they beat up the Christian? Forgive me for doubting it.<<<<<

I remember an incident in Oregon where a group representing ACT-UP led a rather vicious demostration in front of a church where the minister dared to speak out against the homosexual agenda. Several of these gays left nasty, vulagur, and harassing phone calls (took place two years ago). I also recall the gay riot down in southern California where they busted windows and vandalized property because of some policy Gov. Pete Wilson was supporting.

Here's something I just came across:

True Homosexual Character Revealed

Homosexuals argue that they are a peaceful and gay people.

Yet, according to the Washington Times,

80% of homosexuals the U.S. Army court martialed for sexual misconduct in the past four years had engaged in sexual assaults against their victims.

Of these 102 assult cases, nearly half involved the molestation of children.

In addition, Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Report writes

The list includes John Wayne Gacy (raped and killed 33 boys), Patrick Kerney (murdered 25 migrant workers), Jeffery Dahmer (lured, drugged, raped and killed numerous young men).

... No special rights for human pincushions!

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