AUG. 29 / SEPT. 5, 1994


The United Nations' International Conference on Population and Development takes place in Cairo, September 5-13. The session is expected to produce a 20-year plan to control world population.

Pope John Paul II opposes the conference, saying it will lead to birth control and more abortions and threaten the traditional family.


Earth's population: 5.6 BILLION;

projected by 2030: 8.5 BILLION;

hourly increase: 10,000;

portion of the world's population born in the last 25 years: NEARLY 50%

World's largest city: MEXICO CITY; population: 20.9 MILLION;

number of cities with populations over 1 million: 125;

by 2000: 300;

portion of Earth's inhabitants living in urban areas

by the year 2000: 50%

Countries expected to decline in population between now and 2030:

GERMANY, BY 9.4%; ITALY, BY 8.1%; HUNGARY, BY 7.9%;

Countries expected to grow the most:

OMAN, BY 209%; NIGER, BY 198%; YEMEN, BY 187%

Chances a baby born this year will be born in a developing nation:

93 IN 100

Life expectancy in industrialized nations: 74 YEARS;

in developing countries: 63 YEARS

Average number of children born in developing countries to

women who have no schooling: 6.9;

seven or more years of schooling: 3.9

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