October 1989

Publisher - Jerry Falwell

Editorial Board- Verle Ackerman - Norman L. Greisler


A few years back I viewed a priest [an Episcopalian] shouting and waving his fist in contempt, while Dr. Falwell preached from an outdoor platform.

I vowed to myself, that if ever Dr. Falwell appeared in my city, I would attend, sit in the front row, and praise God and His Son Jesus Christ for him.

Dr. Falwell is not only a great Christian, an outstanding apostle, but a great American as well. As Cardinal Spellman once said about him,

May God continue to bless your great ministry, and know well that millions of [Roman] Catholics praise God for Dr. Falwell.

Glenn C. Smith ........ National Catholics Evangelization Association

Rockford, lllinois


By Dr. [Phd.] Stephen Mumford

page 207-208

"The New Right, which is dominated by CathoIics such as Richard Viguerie and which answers to the Vatican, drew the fundamentalists in under the guise of religion - but for explicitIy poIiticaI purposes".

"If we didn't know the Pope agrees with us, we Catholics in the New Right wouId have serious conscience problems. I would never work counter to the Church's offcial position." -PauI Weyrich, founder Moral Majority Christian Voice Religious RoundtabIe

The radical religious in our country, the so-calIed New Right, religious right, religious conservatives, and the Moral Majority, according to Paul Weyrich, will be guided by policy established in the Vatican.

To ensure that the Moral Majority does not act in ways in which the pope would not approve, the opinion of Weyrich and other Catholics in the organization must bear considerable weight in decision-making by the Moral Majority organization. They must be in positions of leadership.

We have discussed earlier the Vatican's control over faithful laypersons, and Weyrich is apparently in this mold. Weyrich and his Catholic colleagues control the Moral Majority. The Vatican controls Weyrich and his colleagues. Thus the Vatican controls the Moral Majority.

It is a fact that the American Catholic bishops described the Moral Majority in their 1975 Pastoral Plan of Action [appendix two], four years before Jerry Falwell was asked by the Catholics who named the organization to head it. The importance of this ..................




By Dr. [Phd.] Stephen Mumford

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