Subject: Morality

To: Gwen Todd

From: Alan Kern

Date: 3/5/95 13:06:34

Your contention that vaginal intercourse is now causing the AIDS virus to spread faster than anal intercourse, and that women are being infected more than any other group, is totally unfounded. I've heard all that before, but there are no facts to substantiate.

Where do you get your facts? AIDS hotline?

These are the stats released by the Provincial AIDS Program, a division of Alberta Health: 1994/Alberta: Those testing positive for HIV.

119 were gay men, 32 were heterosexual men, 76 had been drug abusers, 31 were infected by other means, and none were infected by blood transfusion.

One of the major reasons that the gay stat has been reduced from about 75%, is that so many of them have already been infected, their percentages had to go down.

Also: Vaginal intercourse is one of the more difficult way tso contract HIV.

75% of population is low risk: Homosexual men/intravenous drugs users and their sex partners are still the primary problem.

American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss gay "fisting", and their fascination for fecas and their inclination for anilingus. What are you defending???

If that is "intelligence", I'll enjoy being an idiot!!

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