Subject: Re: Croatia - Ustashe

Date: 1997/04/13

From: Ed Sayre <Ed.Sayre@M.CC.UTAH.EDU>


On Sat, 12 Apr 1997, Pavel Chichikov wrote:

> Ed, I'm not expert in this - but I think you may be downplaying the > official identity of Ustashe and the extent of its support inside the > Croatian hierarchy. As I understand it there was some movement within the > hierarchy, and specifically on the part of the Cardinal there, to withdraw > support from and even oppose Ustashe to some extent. To what extent and > with what fervor I'm not sure of.

That was the problem, according to some in the Orthodox list I used to subscribe to. There was too much inaction. I tend to think the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but at least we know another reason why there is little peace there now.

> We have to face up to the fact that there was probably, in some > cases, official Catholic collaboration, at least in Slovakia and in > Croatia, with Nazi murder. This is not the Catholic condition per se, it > is the human condition. Alas. Christ have mercy on us.

> In any case, in any context, there's nothing for Catholics to be > proud about. Pride is not only a mortal sin - it's a ridiculous and > pathetic mistake.


Peace, Ed Sayre