Associated Press

October 13, 1994

Some comments on cease-fire announcement by Protestant-based paramilitaries, six weeks after the Irish Republican Army called a truce:

- John White, 44, former member of the outlawed Ulster Defense Association, who stabbed to death a Roman Catholic politician and the politician's Protestant girlfriend in 1973, and spent half his life in jail.

-- Belfast community worker Joyce McCartan, who has lost 13 members of her family in a quarter century of violence.

-- British Prime Minister John Major.

-- Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds.

--Pauline Hegney, 31, whose Catholic husband was shot dead by Protestant gunmen in 1991 as he left a pub.

-- Gusty Spence, 61, founding father of the Protestant paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force.

-- Protestant political leader the Rev. Ian Paisley, rejecting talks with Sinn Fein.