There is growing doubt that Serb forces carried out the mortar attack which killed 37 people at Trznica market on August 28. This incident, and the assertion that Bosnian Serbs were responsible for it, provoked a massive NATO campaign bombing Serbian targets. cp

The following are extracts from the October 1 [1995]

edition of The Sunday Times [of London], from an article

entitled ........... "Serbs 'not guilty' of massacre"

by Hugh McManners:

"British ammunition experts serving with the United Nations in Sarajevo have challenged key "evidence" of the Serbian atrocity that triggered the devastating NATO bombing campaign which turned the tide of the Bosnian war.

The experts, who examined the scene of the market massacre in Sarajevo in August, say they found no evidence that Bosnian Serbs had fired the lethal mortar round. They suspected the Bosnian government might have been responsible.

They say French analysts who also examined the scene agree with them. But they were overruled by a senior American officer."

"The fifth shell, which caused the bloodshed, had come from a different position [from a bearing indicating Serbian positions] on a bearing which they could not identify. They suspected that the perpetrators might easily have been not the Bosnian Serbs but the Bosnian government army, which has been implicated in other incidents such as a rocket attack on Sarajevo's television station on June 29, in which five people died and 30 others were injured."

"Throughout the siege of Sarajevo, there have been repeated but unproven suspicions among UN officers that the Bosnian army had on occasions mortared its own side for propaganda purposes."