Subject: Something That May Inter

To: Martin Goldberg

From: Ken Wiens

Date: 9/17/96

MG>>Name this "host of scientists".

KW> Start with Isaac Newton and go forward to fairly modern times. Then refer to those scientists who profess to believe in a Deity, whether they be Jew, Christian, Moslem or whatever. <<<<

MG> Isaac Newton was a fundy. Big time fundy. His religion got in the way of his work.

Hardly. He didn't believe in the Trinity. If his religion got in the way of his work we could sure use more like him!

MG> Give me names and references where I can find their published data that indicates that a deity exists. <<<<

KW> You don't go to scientific papers and data to find out if a Deity exists. You can use published data to conclude a Deity exists and created the universe. You can even use unpublished data to figure this much out. Isaac Newton and many after him did. <<<<

MG> "Many" is non specific. We are looking for scientists, that are not ..... but have published their work giving evidence for deity in a recognized technical journal.<<<<

I doubt you find any attempting to give evidence for a deity in a recognized technical journal. That is not the place to discuss evidence for a deity. Sorry, you are asking the wrong question.

MG> As you so rightly point out, they don't exsit as the evidence does not exist. <<<<

Scientist who believe in a deity don't exist? How long have you had your head in the sand? Here are some:

Walter L. Bradley. PhD. in materials science, currently professor and head of the dept of mechanical engineering, Texas A & M University.

William A. Dembski. PhD. in both mathematics and philosophy the former from University of Chicago, the latter from University of Illinois.

John Omdahl. Phd. in physiology and biophysics from University of Kentucky. He is currently a full professor at University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Hugh Ross. PhD. in astronomy from University of Toronto.

Charles Thaxton. PhD. in chemistry from Iowa State University. Kurt P. Wise. PhD. in paleontology from Harvard.

All of the above scientists believe in a Deity and believe scientific study indicates evidence for a Deity.

You can read some of their essays in The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence for an Intelligent Designer edited by J. P. Moreland. Inter Varsity Press. Downers Grove, Ill. 1994.

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