Subject: Treating Aids???

To: David Worrell

From: Ken Wiens

Date: 9/17/96

DW>Friday Sept. 06 1996 , Ken Wiens wrote to David Worrell: <<<

KW>It does very much. My world-view allows for the possibility of a Creator who created this universe and who further communicate and interacted with his creatures.<<<

DW>Don't try to lie to us again, Kennie. Your world view *demands* a Creat<<<

KW>No it doesn't, Davey. My world-view allows for the existence of the Supernatural.<<<

DW>What part of "Don't lie to us again" did you not understand?<<<

I had no problem. What is yours?

DW>world view, and the world view of many other atheists, allows for the possibility of an *evidenced* Creator.<<<

KW>Now you stop lying, Davey. Your world-view does not allow for the possibility of an *evidenced* Creator. Your world-view allows for an *evidence* Creator ONLY within the very strict parameters of Empiricism.<<<

DW>Isn't that what I just said? Empiricism has been shown to work, Ken. Your mythological mumbo jumbo has not.<<<

"The theorist who maintains that science is the be-all and end-all-that what is not in science textbooks is not worth knowing-is an ideologist with a peculiar and distorted doctrine of his own. For him, science is no longer a sector of the cognitive enterprise but an all-inclusive world-view. This is the doctrine not of science but of scientism. To take this stance is not to celebrate science but to distort it...

Nicholas Rescher, The Limits of Science

John Kekes, The Nature of Philosophy.

Empiricism does not work for everything, not by a long shot. The only mythological mumbo jumbo at this juncture is coming straight from you.

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