AP 5 Jan 95 14:15 EST V0832

By The Associated Press

Text of a statement issued Thursday by John C. Salvi III,

who is accused of killing two abortion clinic workers in Massachusetts:

I am a resident of the state of New Hampshire. If convicted of the charges I am accused of, I wish to receive the death penalty. After proceedings are through, I wish to have an interview with Barbara Walters within the year.

I will not release all information until that interview.

If I am not proven guilty, upon release I will become a Catholic priest.

This is not an admission of guilt. However, it is a statement about the persecution which the Catholic people face. The Catholic people are being persecuted in the workplace as well as in a whole. There are leaders in government, both local, state and federal, which are well aware of the abuse taking place.

Welfare laws are set up to assist a certain group of people but does not benefit all U.S. citizens if they need assistance. None of the Catholic people would lose their homes if welfare laws were reformed. Why should a woman without a husband be able to collect if a couple who is married and needs assistance can't get help? These welfare laws seek to break up the family unit.

What the Catholic Church needs to do is to start printing a currency so that individuals who work and make minimum wage can have a supplement to their incomes so that their families will have what they need. We're talking about making sure the Catholic people have the basic necessities in life. That would be a roof over their heads, food, clothing and a little bit more job security.

Things appear as though they were all well and fine but things are not. Young couples who do not receive assistance cannot afford the necessities in life. Not everyone can have the "Top Position" but that does not mean that the less fortunate should be forced to settle for minimum wage without welfare compensation.

There is a movement in society which seeks the destruction of the church. One method these individuals use is to buy up companies, corporations and businesses after which putting themselves out of business and-or laying off Catholic employees. This layoff procedure for Catholics occurs to a great extent in the U.S. school systems, police departments, fire departments, etc. The Catholic Church is being floored financially.

Why do the Free Masons persecute the Catholic people? Because they're good at it. The Catholic Church is dealing with a group of people who are intelligent, mean, nasty and judicious. These individuals run society and have a good system for themselves but seek to keep the Catholic Church from printing a currency and having the same system. In a nutshell, if you can't collect, you're a little bit screwed. You may do well, but will your children? Just because you're well employed, does that mean that your children will have a secured future? If the Catholic Church had a welfare system, each member would be assured a decent life.

Power is a funny thing. One man is very powerful, yes or no. A man has the power you give him. If 20 million people stand when one man says stand, and if 20 million people sit when one man says sit, then the Catholic Church will have what they need - - a currency. Think about giving a pope that kind of power.

The Catholic Church is a government within a government only it does not print money as most governments do. What makes sense about asking a congregation for 10 percent of their incomes when you could save the people by offering them 40 percent of an average income to compensate an insufficient wage?

The Catholic Church needs to start realizing that depressions are not correlated to a time period but have to do with lack of Christian leadership. Why should there be a depression every 60 years or a war? Can this be prevented? To a great extent, yes. We as a people need to turn our minds away from individual thinking and more to the church as a whole, the country as a whole.

It would take brain cells on behalf of the Catholic people to do it. Wake up, people, and smell success in a church which is not successful. Take tips from the Masons and Masonic temple on how to live good and have the things you need. Do what they do so as to be successful.

Written from Norfolk City Jail on 1-4-95 after refusing to eat tampered food for four days.

They won at Norfolk City Jail, I received ham and two pieces of Wonder bread that had been tampered with. I ate it anyway, although I could hardly get it down. (The ham smelled like oranges). The next morning I was served breakfast which consisted of two eggs scrambled, one piece of toast and grits that turned my stomach and I began to get sick. The grits appeared to have semen in them, or commonly called cum. I ate the grits anyway. However, it turned my stomach and I began to get sick. By the time supper rolled around I was sick. The guards then served me chicken with rice and I ate it as well. Four hours later I fell asleep. By about 1:30 at night I began vomiting severely for approximately 10 hours. As well as vomiting, I also had diarrhea, blurry vision and terrible intestinal pain. I was placed in a cell with no cold water and I was deprived of a cup. At this point I refused to eat any more and I have not eaten in the past four days. Dr. Shephard of the Norfolk County Correctional performed a physical on me and took blood and urine samples to analyze so as to verify the means of tampering.