Subject: Re: evidence???

To: Preston Simpson From:

Ken Wiens

Date: 7/8/94

CR> Many former homosexuals have become Christians and lived either celibate or married heterosexual lives afterwards. Fact. <<<

PS> Wrong. Medical evidence suggests that changing homosexuality is incredibly difficult. <<<

Baloney! Any habit is hard to break if practiced long enough. Homosexuality is one of these.

CR> One of my younger brothers is gay and lives with an older man. I have had many conversations with the both of them. I am still unconvinced that a psychic perception of "discovery" constitutes a biological predisposition, whether or not that "discovery" was a long process or not.<<<

PS> Homosexuality is most likely biological in nature. Plenty of studies in recent years bear this theory out.<<<

Correction. There have been a few studies. These studies have been highly inconclusive and highly biased to boot.

CR> Perhaps your identity crises, through which every person goes by the way, was the motivating factor and not a biological predisposition. If the truth be known, sexuality is learned behavior and not a biological predispositon. Hence, the need for sex manuals and personal ...<<<

PS> Liar. Studies indicate that sexuality is influenced mainly by genetics and hormone levels, with environmental factors as a contributor.<<<

Liar on both counts.

Heterosexual relationships are normal.

Homosexual relationships are not.

CR> biological predisposition." The argument is illogical unless one holds to a form of hard determinism by which a person is totally dominated by biological and genetic factors and has no free will or choice. I for one find this an incredible justification for one's behavior. <<<<

CR> the homosexual agenda is proselytization in the most insidious and subtle form. It preys on the insecurities of people in the midst of various crises in life development, particularly the young. <<<<

One of the saddest results of this agenda has been the spread of Aids.

The latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Sept. 30, 1993) indicate the following:

86.6% of those who contract Aids are men.

54% of those who practice male-male sex contract Aids.

24% of those who engage in needle sharing,i.e., IV drugs contract Aids.

Another 6% who practice male-male sex and use IV drugs contract Aids.

Only 7% of those who engage in heterosexual relationships contract Aids.

One would think those who practice homosexuality would get a clue that it is not natural and it is not healthy, period.

Anyone who wishes to debate me on this issue is more than welcome.

It is sad that this is necessary.

"For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie..." Romans 1:25

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