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Well, back to the subject of this discussion: "The Rebirth of Croatian Fascism"

Jewish cemetery desecrated in Croatia

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) _ Swastikas and other fascist symbols were scrawled on tombstones in a Jewish cemetery southwest of Zagreb, a human rights group said Thursday.

The cemetery in Karlovac, 32 miles southwest of the capital, was vandalized Wednesday night, the Croatian Helsinki Committee said. It accused local police of denying access to reporters in an attempt to cover up the crime.

The committee said that vandals had drawn swastikas and large U's, symbolizing Croatia's World-War II-era fascist Ustasha movement, on 10 gravestones. Police officials in Karlovac said an investigation was under way but refused to elaborate.

The vandalism comes amid criticism of the Croatian government for alleged indifference to signs of revived fascism. In his party's election campaign last month, President Franjo Tudjman put the fascist state in a historic line of Croatian attempts at independence.

AP-ES-05-01-97 1232EDT

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To understand Fascism in Croatia you must first understand its roots. ---------------------- The FATHER of the HOMELAND... The FATHER of HATE By Wm. Dorich

The life and work of “The Croatian father of the homeland,” Ante Starcevic (1823—1896), is, by itself, the best example of all the frustrations and wanderings in Croatian relations toward Serbs, up to the fixed notion that the self-determination of the Croatian people is only possible at the expense of denying and exterminating the Serbian people.

Starcevic was the founder of this principle.

He was born in Lika, his father Croatian and mother Serbian. As a young journalist, in 1850, he supported the unification of “all Slavs living in the south.” However, when Vuk Karadzic continued his grand reform of the Serbian language and culture, promoting them in the eyes of cultural Europe, Starcevic saw that as a direct attack on Croatian identity and culture! He devoted the rest of his life (together with Austria and Hungary, or against both of them) to finding, constructing and putting to work ideas of racial, national and religious hatred toward Serbs. Contrary to all the laws of Serbian and Croatian philology, he invented an all-together non-existent Croatian language and orthography, just for the sake of being different from Serbian (vocalic “r.” genitive of plurals, etc.). Though a Slav himself, in 1861 he decisively rejected Slavism as a “metaphysical fabrication.” As Austria acknowledged Serbs and their culture, he joined Levin Rauch’s Pan-Hungarian party and called for a joint rebellion against Vienna, intolerance towards the Austro-Slav and Yugoslav idea, and acknowledgment of the name Serbian in Croatia.

In his article “Toward Slavism Or Toward Croatianism” Starcevic regarded the Slavic name as someone’s nickname, that stands for “a slave,” which “has no meaning,” while “Slavism” and “Slavic brotherhood” are empty words “because for such empty fantasies there is no foundation in the past, no reason in the present, and no hope in the future.”

Starcevic’s obsession escalated in 1868. At that time, he defined some “five types of double-slaves” (as he named them: “sclavus-servus,”) “starting from moral slaves, settlers in Croatia to the men of Slavic characteristics” and nations of “impure breeding.”

During the same year, overwhelmed with racial hatred, he published a pamphlet “The Name Serb,” in which he tried “by using etymological, unscientific methods and other constructions, to disclaim and degrade the name as much as possible.”

Under the influence of the Russian successes in 1876-78 he saw in Russia a new chance for his program, and again with all of his heart he submited

to “Slavism.” Disappointed that this “salto-mortale” had no effect, in 1894 he give up the idea of the independent Croatian state and agitated for a solution to the Croatian issue within the boundaries of the Habsburg monarchy.

See Part II

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Father of Hate -- Part II

In 1861, together with Eugen Kvaternik, he laid down the foundations for the “Party of Rights,” which has been, with a few changes, consistently putting into practice his extreme political views about Serbs. Starcevic’s successor as the party leader, a baptized Jew from Zagreb, Josua Frank, completely identified Croatian national ideas with the goals of the most conservative and ultra-clerical circles in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. “His main idea was that the Monarchy needs a ‘satisfied Croatia,’ thus making its way to the Balkans.” In Frank’s opinion, “The dynasty should, in its own best interest, reward Croatia with state autonomy within the Monarchy, while in return in would gain the support of Croatian politics.”

Because of that, Frank’s party started a systematic anti-Serbian and anti-Orthodox campaign, which reached its peak in organizing pogroms, exiles, fabrication of evidence, provocation and blackmail. In 1902, 1908, 1912 and 1914, and later in WWI, Ante Starcevic’s successors prepared and carried out the first modern attempt of genocide upon the Serbian people.

The second, more tragic attempt, that resulted in nearly a million Serbian victims, was carried out by “The Party of Rights” representative and the Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic, 1941-1945.

The third attempt is being carried out today. After being hidden for half a century in silence, the “Croatian Party of Rights” has been out in the streets again since 1990, headed by the extremist Dobroslav Paraga. The “military wing” of his party (“The Croatian armed forces”) numbers today no less than 50,000 fully armed extremists, overwhelmed with racial hatred against the Serbs. Today they are not only committing monstrous crimes in the Krajina but are preparing to take over the leadership in Croatia and carry out the final solution according to their instructions of the spiritual leader, Ante Starcevic.


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Medjugorje “Miracle”— Scam!

Medjugorje, where the Virgin Mary was mysteriously seen on the 50th anniversary date of WWII.

Medjugorje, where local Roman Catholic priests refer to the vision as the “Madonna of Financial Reward.” —ABC Nightline, 1991.

Medjugorje, where in 1941 Serbians were the major ethnic group—they were totally exterminated.

Medjugorje, where Croatian Ustashi took a train with its boxcars loaded with Serbian women and children to the mountain top, and where these women and children were thrown alive off its summit.

Medjugorje, where Serbian Orthodox priests were publicly tortured, castrated and buried alive.

Medjugorje, where the Jagodnjaca pit became the common grave to over 1,000 Orthodox Serbs, including three priests: Fr. Ilarion, Fr. Bozo Sarenac and Fr. Dusan Blagoja.

Medjugorje, where Roman Catholic priests say they “don’t want any Muslim refugees here.”—ABC Nightline, 1991.

Medjugorje, where empty hotels are refused even to Roman Catholic Croatian refugees.—CNN, July 21, 1993.

“The lessons we have learned from the emergence of the Independent State of Croatia, where the religious and political totalitarianism of Catholicism was not only made to work, but put to death more than one million Serbian Orthodox Christians, should never be forgotten. For it happened in our times, when the Catholic Church — then as now, posing as a victim of religious intolerance—was clamoring for freedom, while at the same time suppressing that same freedom for which she was vociferating so loudly, in a tiny state where she had set up her kind of freedom, Catholic freedom: i.e., freedom for herself to eliminate whatever and whoever dared to resist her embrace.” —Avro Manhattan, Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Century, 1965.

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“Serbs are cowards,”—Senator Biden, CNN, August 1, 1993.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” were a major factor for the destruction of two great empires, the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman. The Serbs were the first Balkan people to free themselves from the Ottomans through their own efforts. The Greeks and the Bulgarians achieved their liberation with British and Russian aid.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” provided the first victory for their allies in World War I in Cer, Serbia. The Serbs also lost 56% of their adult males in that war!

• The “Cowardly Serbs,” provided the primary strength on the Salonika Front, the first major breakthrough in WWI and the principle reason for the surrender. The victorious Serbian troops marched all the way through to the Austrian border. A month before the armistice, the Serbian army penetrated the Salonika front, liberating Yugoslavia. The cemeteries in Salonika contain the graves of those who sacrificed, 7,000 Americans, 11,000 French, 4,000 Italians, 3,000 Russians and 40,000 Serbs.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” were the first to lose a capital city to Axis forces in WWI, they retook the city in 1918—the city was Belgrade!

• The “Cowardly Serbs” organized the first anti-Nazi uprising in all of Europe. This uprising was organized by Draza Mihailovich, the recipient of the highest award given by the United States government, the Legion of Merit, given to this Serbian “coward” by President Harry Truman and by an act of Congress on July 20, 1946. “General Mihailovich and his forces, although lacking adequate supplies, and fighting under extreme hardships, contributed materially to the Allied cause, and were instrumental in obtaining a final Allied Victory.”—President Harry S. Truman “Hundreds of American pilots owe their lives to General Mihailovich and his forces, and the American people will never forget that debt. As long as there are patriots in any nation, the name of General Mihailovich will be remembered and revered.” —Richard Nixon, 1966.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” were the only ethnic group in the Balkans to defy Nazi tyranny by declaring war on Germany.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” held off nearly 32 German divisions in Yugoslavia in the Second World War.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” were historically recognized for the military putsch in Belgrade on March 27, 1941 in the early months of the occupation as the major factor that saved the Soviet Union from being crushed by the Nazi legions. Historians claim it saved millions of Russian lives. Churchill glorified the Serbs for their “magnificent valor.”

• The “Cowardly Serbs” refused to turn over downed American airman Richard Feldman of Phoenix, Arizona. The Germans executed 221 Serbs who refused to divulge the hideaway of this Jewish airman. Feldman says: “I watched with binoculars as the Germans executed every villager for refusing to give me up in exchange for their own lives.”

• The “Cowardly Serbs” saved the lives of 521 additional downed American airmen over occupied Yugoslavia in WWII, returning them safely to Allied Forces, representing the single largest recovery of American military personnel in modern recorded warfare. The Serbs returned more than 200 of these American sons even after the United States removed its support, giving it instead to Tito, knowing the country would become a Communist dictatorship.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” lost 62% of their countrymen defending freedom and democracy in two world wars as Allies to the United States. This was the largest percentage of loss to an ethnic group in this century.

• The “Cowardly Serbs,” representing the majority of the Yugoslav Army, gave Tito the power to rebel against the hegemony of Stalin, providing the first crack in the armor of the communist beast.

• The “Cowardly Serbs” in 1989, forced the resignation of the entire central committee of the communist autonomous region of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, the first ever in a communist state.

StSava - 01:32am May 2, 1997 EST (#150 of 160)

Coward Serbs—Part II

• The “Cowardly Serbs” have fought five wars in this century and are still denied self-determination. (1912 against Turkey, 1914 WWI, 1941 against Germany, 1991 against Croatia and 1992 against Bosnia ).

• The “Cowardly Serbs” include Milovan Djilas, awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Johnson for writing New Class, the first anti-communist manifesto written in this century. He spent 12 years in prison for writing this book.

Senator Joseph Biden, guilty of plagiarizing in his past, does not appear to have the good sense to steal his facts from historical documentation. If he indeed knows the history of the Serbian people, then he is guilty of hateful, racist remarks. His desire for revenge is an unbecoming trait in any individual, particularly an elected official in this democracy. As a senator, he desecrates the very laws he is sworn to uphold. Senator Biden is a disgraceful representative of this democracy where even the Serbs are still “innocent until proven guilty.” If we seek the brightest and the best to serve this nation, then we as Americans need to be concerned about the indiscriminate violations in our own democracy before saving an “imaginary” democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Wm. Dorich, President, SAVA—Serbian American Voters Alliance, Pittsburgh

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The term “Ethnic Cleansing” was not coined by the Serbs in this war as Chuck Sudetic, the plagiarizing Croatian Journalist at the New York Times would have us believe in his August 18, 1993 article!


Banja Luka, June 23, 1941

Viktor Gutich, Ustasha Governor of Western Bosnia, a region with a predominantly Serbian population, made a speech at Banja Luka announcing this policy officially. He told his listeners that the poglavnik had decided to make Banja Luka the capital of Croatia, but that before that could be done the city would have to be “thoroughly cleansed of Serbian dirt.” Gutich announced that he was going to proceed immediately with the task assigned to him and that he would use an “iron broom” until Banja Luka and the Krajina (Western Bosnia) had been cleansed of the last Serb. He said that he would show no mercy, and ordered everyone to refrain from asking for mercy for anyone and to carry out the poglavnik’s orders joyfully. The War We Lost—Yugoslavia’s Tragedy and The Failure of the West, by Constantin Fotitch, New York: The Viking Press, 1948, pp. 118F.

StSava - 01:48am May 2, 1997 EST (#152 of 160)


Associated Press Copenhagen, Denmark, 2/18/94 By Jan M. Olsen (AP Writer)

A Bosnian Muslim refugee accused of helping his Croat captors kill fellow inmates in a prison camp was ordered held in custody Thursday to face a war crimes trial.

The 30-year-old Bosnian, whose identity was withheld, was charged with murder, murder attempts and violence, said Jorgen Juul, criminal commissioner in Roskilde, 240 miles west of Copenhagen.

The man was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Avnstrup refugee center, near Roskilde.

The violence occurred during the summer and fall of 1993 at a Croat-controlled prison camp near •Caplijna, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Juul said in a statement.

Selimo Edin, a Bosnian refugee, told public television he saw the accused man participate in two murders and added he refused prisoners water for 25 days, despite 104 degree temperatures.

“I and other prisoners drank our urine instead,” Edin said. The B.T. newspaper quoted Roskilde Police Chief Uffe Kornerup as saying the accused man had hit fellow inmates if they were not running fast enough to reach the building where food was served. Kornerup said Denmark will try the case, since the International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague is recessed and there is nowhere to extradite the man.

The prisoners were released when the Red Cross opened the camp in late 1993. Some 200 inmates were sent to Denmark. Shortly after his arrival at a Danish refugee center late January, fights broke out when the Bosnian’s former fellow inmates recognized him, press reports said.

Twenty asylum seekers have given statements against him, police said.

A2 AP-WS-02-17-94 2025EST


Caplijna, A Croat run concentration camp where Serbs were exterminated. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 20 miles South of Mostar. Dretelj Croatian Detention Camp. A fuel dump and former army garrison converted into a camp where 64 women and 110 men were tortured on October 7, 1992. A second camp was the Tobacco Station, a dry tobacco processing plant. 34% of prisoners were Serbian women who were raped. In 1992, near this village, gangs of Croat soldiers raped Serb women until they died. In the fall of 1992 the entire village and the Serbian Orthodox church was leveled and destroyed and all Serbian civilians were imprisoned.

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Croatian Propaganda Set the Stage for Atrocities in Balkan War.

By Wm. Dorich

In battles between Croatian HVO forces and the Serbian Chetniks in the Krajina region on September 1, 1991, both sides took 3 prisoners each from their opponents. On September 3, 1991, in a trade of prisoners, the Serbians returned three captured Croatian HVO troops in exchange for three Serbian Chetnik troops. Little did the Serbians know that the three live Croatians were being traded for three dead Serbs. One of the bodies was brutally beaten, stabbed dozens of times, the toes cut off, the left leg broken. Evidence obtained in autopsy indicated that vital organs were missing, corroborating the Serbian claim that vital organs of victims were being sold on the black market in Germany. Video footage of one of the three victims was shown on German and Zagreb television during the first week of September, 1991, as “conclusive evidence” of the brutal torture and death of Croatian victims at the hands of the Serbs. The English translation of this video footage is believed to be narrated by the American actor, Martin Sheen, and copies of the video were sent to representatives in the American Congress and Senate. Dusan Markovich however, was not a Croatian victim. He was a thirty-two year old Serb, father of one child, with a pregnant wife. The use of the tortured body of Dusan Markovich for propaganda purposes, indicates the depth to which the Croats and Muslims stooped to gain international sympathy.

- Martin Sheen, an arrogant papist, a few years later went to Croatia where he made the film “Medjugorje,” ... should anyone be surprised?

In the December 1993 issue of Strategic Policy, the London based, international journal on national security management, its founding editor Gregory Copley said: “The Big Lie” technique is alive and well. Croatia has used the media and skillful image manipulation to hide its renewed genocide against the Serbs, while at the same time ensuring that Serbs are themselves wrongly accused of the same type of crime—and more.” In his editorial he said: “Pictures of dead, wounded (or raped) Serbs often fill the screens of the world’s television and print media, only to be re-labelled as dead, wounded or raped Croats or Muslims. Many Serbian victims—and the bulk of the victims of the conflict, contrary to popular reports, have been Serbs—not only suffer the indignity of defeat in death; they also are used in death as models in the macabre image manipulation operations of the Croatians and Muslim Bosnians.” If the Vietnam War was lost to the United States by the negative television images of its own reporters, then the Balkan war against the Serbs is being won by Ustasha Croatia and Muslim Bosnians by an active, planned manipulation of international television."