p_makarov - 08:34pm Apr 25, 1997 EST (#77 of 83)


Hitler called it: "New World Order" And nothing have changed since. Today's World Fascism is the same. Its urge do subdue the world is the same. It is more sweet talking (which makes it even more dangerous) than 50 years ago, but all the other basic methods remained - the same.

Western mass media and "morality" The obedient media gets to do its role in the New World Order: The Big Brother Trumpeters get the job of twisting the truth. Big PR firms help them in the art of lying. The corporate owned media publishes the lies as presented to them by PR firms. Anyone willing to join the lynch mob is welcome. For the lynched there is no way out.

Mass murder for the camera Not even Hitler's Minister of Propaganda have tried it: MASS MURDER FOR THE CAMERA and that is exactly what was done for the sake of American cameras and their PR war against the Serbs. Blame the victim - is the old formula. In KEY events in Bosnia it was used three times.


In 1991, Croats resurrect their Nazi state Under "watchful eyes" of the Western press, and under total protection of German and American politicians one of the most monstrous state - the Nazi Independent State of Croatia - gets to be resurrected to the last possible detail. Croats are once again subservient to (Brand New) New World Order.

Muslims of Bosnia try to resurrect a part of Turkish Empire Seeing the success of Croatian Nazis in turning the clock back to 1941, the Muslims of Bosnia are trying to turn the clock even further back into the Balkan past. They are trying to turn the clock more than 100 years back.

aponine - 09:06pm Apr 25, 1997 EST (#78 of 83)

I've browsed some of these links--and I think it's just amazing how the truth about how evil and vile the Muslims and Croats are has been hidden until now. And the Serbs? Blameless. Absolutely blameless--not a blemish on them for the last 700 years. I think the West (with the media as its gunnership) is up to something bad and scary. We must uncover this worldwide conspiracy before it is too late!

avoice - 09:21pm Apr 25, 1997 EST (#79 of 83)

The sad part of this whole thing is that the people who post these posts are all sincere. I'd say they were crazy, but that would be wrong. They are not crazy. They are true believers.

StSava - 11:04am Apr 26, 1997 EST (#80 of 83)

Looking into the 'cookie' jar I would suspect that “a voice” is none other that Andrew Krzemuski on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills? I also suspect that he is the same person that goes by “suz186” and “copybara.”

Why is it that the New York Times and other newspaper forums on this internet insist on the identity of the individual to register, but could care less that these people hide behind a mask in order to insult and rewrite history?

Wm. Dorich, President Serbian American Voters Alliance, Pittsburgh, 15222. sava@idt.net

We at SAVA are not ashamed of who we are!

StSava - 12:42pm Apr 26, 1997 EST (#81 of 83)

To “A Voice” by Wm. Dorich

I have just returned from London and a private visit with Crown Prince Aleksandar on Monday, the infamous day that the IRA brought London to its knees.

My interview lasted some four hours and I plan to write extensively about this interview in the Serbian media.

As for your first question about the Pope, let me set the record straight. In 1991, it was His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle who led 100,000 demonstrators through the streets of Belgrade to protest Milosevic and this war. Unfortunately, the western partisan press that you appear to support seems to have ignored this simple fact.

It was also Patriarch Pavle who, in 1991, invited the Pope to come to Croatia to the site of Jasenovac Concentration Camp, known as “the Auschwitz of the Balkans,” to jointly celebrate a Liturgy for the 500,000 Serbs, 40,000 Jews, 23,000 Gypsies and 12,000 anti-Nazi Croat who were liquidated at this camp, the 3rd largest death camp in WWII.

The Pope refused this invitation say that it was “too dangerous to come to the Balkans at this time.” However, three years later the Pope managed to come to Zagreb at the height of the Bosnian Civil War and the very first thing he did was to lay a wreath on the tomb of Archbishop Stepinac, the notorious convicted Roman Catholic criminal of WWII who encouraged his priests to murder in the name of the First Independent State of Croatia, a Nazi guisling endeavor. Today those same Croats bring back the Kuna the Nazi currency of the day and their hideous checkerboard flag under which tens of thousands were murdered.

As for Serbian priests killing Croats and Muslims, there is scarcely any evidence of such accusations for a very good reason, more than 740 Serbian Orthodox priests and 4 Bishops were murdered by the Ustashi and their comrades in 1941, the 22,000 SS Handjar Division of Muslim Nazis. By the way, the word Hanjar in Arabic means “to slit the throat.” In all of WWII you cannot provide me a list of more than 25 Croatian Roman Catholic priests who were murdered! It is more than apparent who was killing who. What I find interesting is your eagerness to rehabilitate the savagery of the Ustashi who even repulsed the SS Nazi commanders.

All three sides did indeed commit unspeakable atrocities in this war, but how compelling that the free press in this nation elected to ignore the deaths of more than 44,000 Serbs, 7,000 of whom were children. Hardly a word is written about the 1.2 million Serbian refugees or the fact that Croatia is now ethnically and religiously pure, achieving their Nazi goal of 1941. There are currently more than 50,000 Serbian orphans from this war. Mr. Rosenthal may be right on target but there are areas of truth that even he dares not touch.

Returning to His Highness, Prince Aleksandar, are you aware that his godmother is Queen Elizabeth, that he is a cousin to Prince Charles and that he is the great grandson of Queen Victoria. Considering these facts, why is there never any mention of the royal linage of the Croats that would have us now believe that they were free and ruled themselves?

It was the Serbs who gained their independence after 500 years of Ottoman slavery in 1878 at the Congress of Berlin, those Serbs and Montenegrins were the only people in the Balkans that obtained statehood and they were willing to give up their statehood to form “The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” in 1918. The very name of that Kingdom spells out the truth. The Croats and Slovenes gave up nothing to form the nation of Yugoslavia, now they benefit from territory that was never their own. They were slaves to the Austrian Empire and they became obstructionists from the outset when invited to join in this South Slav dream that turned out to be a nightmare.

StSava - 12:50pm Apr 26, 1997 EST (#82 of 83)

Part II

The return of the Monarchy to Serbia would be the best of all choices, it would represent the continuation of the Serbian dynasties that were destroyed by two Balkan Wars, two World Wars and 55 years of Communist rule in this century.

I remind you of the words of the great British Historian, William Harold Temperley (1918):

“There is no race which has shown a more heroic desire for freedom than the Serbs or achieved it with less aid from others or at more sacrifice to itself.”

After the Serbs were betrayed by the United States and Britain in WWII and betrayed once again by the partisan American press, there is little doubt that the Serbs are willing to trust the Dayton Accords or those who were also forced to sign them. Bosnia is planning for more war because now that they have American weapons and training and German goon squads back on Bosnian soil they are confident that they will win. The Anthony Lewis' of the world have convinced them of that. But I ask you, if this does come to pass and we witness the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, will you be Avoice of protest against that killing, or will you believe that the Serbs have it coming to them and must then submit to another 500 years of Muslim slavery? If you are banking of the Serbs lying down and playing dead you made a bad bet! No one in the world was convinced that the Serbs believed and practiced “Never Again.” Don't be so naive that they would not rather die fighting for their right to be free than to live the rest of their lives on their knees in Croat or Muslim servitude. Unfortunately most Americans don't understand this fact about the Serbs, in spite of the fact that over the centuries they defeated their masters time and again.

These people in Bosnia and Croatia who have lived under Communist rule for 55 years don't have the foggiest idea what democracy is. They believe they achieved freedom, but their freedom was traded in for enslavement to the IMF, the International Monetary Fund. The major nations of the world will now enslave them in loan guarantees and controls over their lives far more serious to their freedom than anything they would have live under with a majority Serb government. This was a ruse from its inception. If you would take the time to do a bit of research, Mr. AVoice, you would soon discover that this was not a “Serb Dominated Yugoslavia” as the media and our American government would have us believe. Nearly every major ambassadorship and important position in that government was held by Croats, Muslims and Hungarians with the Serbs holding the least amount of government positions for the past 30 years.

When the JNA supposedly attacked Slovenia, the general who led that attack was himself a Slovene, Konrad Kolsak (sp?) He was the same general who led his Serbian troops into battle in a prearranged ambush in which hundreds of Serbs were slaughtered as the good general escaped to Slovenia to seek his own “freedom.” That was a betrayal of his troops and his country but this arrogant Bastard is not even indicted for this hideous war crime.

Anthony Lewis reminded us that “In November and December, 1991, before recognition of Croatia, the Serbs shelled Dubrovnik on the west and laid siege to Vukovar on the eastern side of Croatia.” But, conveniently missing from his arrogant report was the fact that Yugoslavia was still a sovereign country when Stipe Mesic, a Croat, was president of Yugoslavia. It was not the “Serbian Army” that shelled Dubrovnik—it was the Yugoslav army! This was at a time when the prime minister, who ordered the army attacks, was Ante Markovic, also a Croat. The Yugoslav commander of the Air Force was Gen. Jurjevic, guess what?, he was a Croat, too! After Ante Markovic order these attacks on Vukovar and Dubrovnik he fled to Croatia, knowing full well the impact that was to result from ordering these attacks that would be blamed on the Serbs.

See part III

StSava - 12:54pm Apr 26, 1997 EST (#83 of 83)

Part III

His Royal Highness told me that he would rule by a Constitutional Monarchy and that his first task would be to get rid of the Mafia that surrounds Milosevic and to go after all of the war criminals, not just the Serbs.

These Balkan people don't know from Euro dollars, market economies, democracy, the vast majority were accustomed to government handouts and free medical benefits and free education and 50 years of oppressive Communist rule in which only those in office were privileged to received the benefits of the society. What all of the people of the Balkans will soon learn is the lessons of this war, a war that had plunged their economies into disaster. It will take the Serbs, Croats and Muslims more than 40 years to recover from the costs of this war and the debt that will hang over them like a prison sentence. They may have escaped Serbian “slavery” but their new master is going to be Uncle Sam who will tell them “we own your country...we own your airspace...we dictate the way you live and talk. And that’s what’s great about America right now,” the words expressed by Brig. General William Looney on June 25th 1996 in reference to Iraq. Such imperialistic arrogance is what the people of Bosnia and Croatia are going to now find they must learn to live with.

Does Prince Aleksandar want the job as King, you bet he does. Does he want to restore the integrity of a once proud nation of Serbs, indeed he does, he is merely waiting in the wings for the word and he will return. And, by the way, why is it OK in the American press that the monarch of Albania is being considered for return as a great idea, but the return of Prince Aleksandar as something suspicious? This is a man who was born in England, educated in England and thinks like a free man, certainly these are not attributes that serve him negatively. The only people he needs to fear are the Serbian Communist who will stoop to anything to see that he not return, the same people who wrote a letter to the Patriarch in which they forged his signature, a letter to embarrass the Serbian people and their faith. He also needs to fear the American administration who has proven that they will stoop to any length to serve the Muslim Oil Monarchy that has us by the throat!

StSava - 03:39pm Apr 26, 1997 EST (#84

After writing the above posting I researched my computer files to discover that the Pope of Rome, on a visit to the United States, and before an audience of tens of thousands in Denver Colorado, told President Clinton that he should bomb the Serbs. What kind of man of God or supposed Christian would encourage the wanton murder and destruction of innocent human beings?

This was also supported by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin on September 8th, 1995, an alleged homosexual priest whose sexual proclivities became part of a famous Chicago court case that was settled out of court before his death. Before a Chicago audience, Bernardin said he “endorsed the NATO bombing raids against Bosnian Serbs army position as 'morally justified.'” This now dead example of the homosexual Roman priesthood had the audacity to even utter the word 'morality.'

Fr. Dennis Pavichevich of Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church in Chicago reacted to Bernardin's statement by saying: “I find the Cardinal's statement a real perversion of the moral standards and norms of Christianity as defined in the Gospel, in the teachings of the Christian church and the Lord himself. The Cardinal's statement is an absolute abomination.”

On September 13th, 1995, the Chicago Sun-Times printed a letter to the editor which stated: “A few month ago, Pope John Paul II made a general plea for forgiveness for the past mistakes of the Catholic church. Perhaps the Pope would explain to us just which mistakes he was talking about.” (Bratimir Ilic, Lake View).

I suggest that he was referring to the 1,500 Roman Catholic Priest who participated in the Ustashi in WWII and who murdered Serbs, Jews and Gypsies with their own hands. Priests like Fr. Petar Brzica, the cleric from the monastery of Siroki Brijeg. This notorious “King of the Killers” won a contest held in Jasenovac Concentration Camp based on who could kill the most Serbs in the shortest period to time. Fr. Brzica won. On the night of August 29, 1942, he cut the throats of 1,350 Serbs with his own hands.

Or maybe the Pope was referring to Fr. Srecko Peric, Gorica Monastery, who was quoted in the Croatian press in 1942 as saying: “Kill all Serbs. First of all kill my sister who is married to a Serb. When you finish this work, come here to the church and I will confess you and free you from sin.”

I would think that certainly one to be forgiven would be Monsignor Dionizije Juric, Minister of cults in 1942, he said: “Any Serb or Jew who refuses to become Catholic should be condemned to death because today it is no longer a sin to kill a child of sever, should such a child be opposed to our movement of the Ustashi.”

One of the mass murderers was Andrija Artukovic who escaped to the United States where he lived for more than 30 years protected by Roman Catholic circles in California, including the Chandler family, the Roman Catholics that once owned the Los Angeles Times. It was Artukovic, the Minister of Interior in the First Independent State of Croatia in 1941 who was quoted as saying: “Kill all Serbs and Jews including children so that not even the seeds of the beasts are left.”

Is there any wonder, Mr. Avoice, that there is such contempt for the Roman Catholic church by the Serbian people?

However, what Cardinal Bernardin failed to mention is that 205 innocent Serbian victims were killed by “collateral damage” when the United States, under the guise of NATO, dropped 6,000 tons of bombs on the Serbs. And, by the way, what NATO country did the Serbs attack? The use of NATO is a direct violation of that treaty which is a 'Defensive Treaty' that protects its members from attack. Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia, to my knowledge, were not members of NATO. Such arrogant use of power only exemplifies the utter contempt that we have for what we sign. We, as a nation, seem capable of defecating on everything that we sign if it serves our political agenda.

see part II