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Subject: Response to Michael Sells

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 18:18:51 +0000

Organization: Serbian American Voters Alliance

As usual, Michael Sells can't seem to respond to any of my questions. Therefore, until he does, I refuse to have any further dialogue with him directly, let him talk to himself.

Michael Sells has refused to address the participation of imams in this war and those religious clerics who murdered Croats and Serbs with their own hands. No matter how hard he beats up on the Serbian church, none of the priests and bishops stooped to the tactics of the Muslims in this war. Nor did the Serbian priests stoop to these tactics when Roman Catholic priests by the humdreds joined the Ustashi and murdered Serbs and Jews with their own hands.

To avoid such dialogue he talks about Serbian bishops travelling many miles to attend Arkan's wedding. Doesn't the fame of the bride have anything to do with this wedding? Do her family and relatives not play a part in perhaps why these Bishops were invited? But that is not Sells' game, he is deliberate in glossing over the crimes of the religious leaders of the Muslim government whom Sells protects.

Sells has invented the destruction of 1,000 Mosques, and because he has painted himself into a corner he now is unable to name these mosques and their location. Instead he blames his lack of scholarship and integrity on the fact that the files are unavailable and that these destroyed mosques may not be know for years. The Serbs have listed their destroyed 216 churches now for nearly three years, they are also hampered by the same lack of “files.”

As I have said before there are countless thousands of people from the UN, NATO, NGO's, ICRC, Amnesty International, Helsinki Watch, that have traveled the length and breath of this country and have seen with their own eyes the destruction in every area of battle and in every village that has been destroyed on all sides. So, too, have American satellites photographed every foot in Bosnia. If Madame Albright can show the plot of ground on which she claimed were buried up to “8,000 Srebrenica Muslim victims,” then she can damned well show you the site of every Mosque in Bosnia, the majority of which will take years to clear the rubble. Michael Sells is the worst kind of academic elitist, a liar!

The destruction of 1,000 mosques is as much a ruse as was the three market place massacres in which the Muslims murdered their own people for sympathy, as much a lie as the rape of “50,000 Muslims,” and the death of “500,000 victims,” as recently claimed by Haris Silajdzic on a national American news program. And by the way, he was educated in Libya, and is the nephew of President Izetbegovic. The ruse he pulled about leading another political party in Bosnia was another of their hideous ploys to impress the west with how much “democratic ideas” there were in Bosnia at election time. After being beaten over the head in what was obviously another piece of show biz, he was defeated and guess what? he found himself in one of the highest political positions in the Muslim dominated government.

Michael Sells supports this kind of outrageous nepotism and duplicity. Muhamed Sacirbey whose original name is Sacirbegovic, changed that name when he came to the United States as a teenager, why? to distance himself from his criminal father, Nedzib Sacirbegovic, who went to prison twice with President Izetbegovic, once in 1947 after they orchestrated the first Muslim uprising against the Serbs in Sarajevo after WWII and again in 1983. Sacirbey's father is now the “spokesperson” in the United States for Izetbegovic's government. Birds of a feather I say! Like chickens they all consume their own shit and believe it! They are all a pack of gangsters dressed up with respectable titles to fool the world and Michael Sells lends his creditability as an elitist academic who lies about his so called Serbian mother to make it appear that he is ethnically involved in this dispute and has taken the honorable position of defending the murderous Muslims who have gained the population majority through the genocide of 300,000 Bosnian Serbs, 40,000 Bosnian Jews and 23,000 Bosnian Gypsies just 50 years ago. Why does Michael Sells refuse to give me his mother's maiden name and what Krajina village she is from. What are you hiding Mr. Sells?

As for my attack on Amanpour's religious background, that too, is his usual bull shit, especially since I point out the blatant racism of the Los Angeles Times whose headline, “Serb found guilty of Fraud” is so outrageous that even Sells agrees. Oh, but that is OK that the media can attack the Serbs with bigoted and racist attacks, but I dare not attack poor little Ms. Amanpour.

Amanpour's position in Bosnia was deliberately prejudicial, her view emanate from her Muslim background, her protection of only showing Muslim victims and not all of the innocent humanity that was being victimized reeks of CNN's abhorrent bias and orchestration of the news. Not once in 4 years did this Muslim woman show the desperate condition of the Serb victims, not once did this Iranian show the hideous destruction of Serbian villages and churches.

Such a deliberately one-sided presentation of this war demands that I attack her, her religious faith and her Iranian background, she did not prove herself anything but a propagandist not a professional journalists. Her lack of responsibility, integrity, and trustworthiness was arrogant. Such prejudicial attitudes need to be attacked from every direction, especially when this Iranian upstart stooped to using brutally murdered Serbian victims pawning them off as the people whom Arkan had murdered. Her very words were “let us look at some of his crimes”....BAM! out comes the photograph of the man in the red sweater!, a SERB! Amanpour is a witch of the worst kind, pretending to be a neutral source presenting the news, what crap! She reaches into her bag of tricks to deceive her audience.

I am not pisses off at just this one CNN show, these are the tactics of this bitch! Such a person should be driven off of the air for utilizing such barbaric lies and disinformation to pull the wool over the eyes of an ignorant American public. And, why, by the way, was it necessary for her to do la new voice over for the BBC special, “Death of a Nation,” which was already narrated by an English speaking British journalist? Was it her slant that was so important, was it her poor translations that were required to deceive the American audience as to what the Serbs actually were saying, or was it her simple manipulation of the truth that was so expertly utilized?

Amanpour was cleaver in not disclosing that as she stood before her camera crew on a number of occasions in Sarajevo as bombs were bursting around her and that the reason she appeared not to be worried about her own safety was the simple fact that those bombs were being fired on Serbian positions, that those were outgoing shells that her audience was hearing. And we were led to believe that she was placing herself in harms way to bring us the news.

Any person who would stoop to such show biz magic is a fraud! Do you honestly think that the Bosnian army would allow Ms. Amanpour to stand in harms way when she was providing them the most valuable service of all in this war—the propaganda lies that help them get their first Muslim state in Europe?

Her bleeding heart is blessed by the imams in Iran, how else would she have made broadcast from Iran on CNN. Once an Iranian, always an Iranian, leopards do not change their spots, she is working for an Islamic dominated world and she will scratch and claw her way to the top, even if lying, deceiving, manipulating, and manufacturing the news is necessary. Such an ugly creature needs to be attacked at all levels of this democratic society, it mocks the very fiber of what this system of government is supposed to defend us against.

Liars, cheats, charlatans! Amanpour and CNN have gotten away with murder as Michael Sells promotes the hell out every ounce of propaganda he can get his hands on.

Wm. Dorich